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Crud and Other Stuff

| May 24, 2013

By Thomas R. Ray, III CPBE, AMD, DRB
Tom Ray Consulting
Technical Editor

First the Crud

NEW YORK — So I was working on this transmitter today.  Seriously – I know this starts off like a joke.  Problem was actually a bad air switch.  All transmitters have a way to sense air flow.  If there is no air flow in the transmitter, if, for example, the blower motor quits, it will shut down.  In the case of a tube transmitter, this is to prevent the final amplifier deck from melting down and starting a fire.  In a solid state transmitter (which also uses temperature sensing in the final amplifier), it prevents the transistors from self destructing causing a fire and/or other severe damage to the amplifier.

Anyway, this isn’t related to the air switch, but it could be (the air switch in this case was 33 years old – it simply had enough).  The air filters on the transmitter were caked with crud.

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