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A Tribute to Ray Briem

| December 13, 2012

By Doug McIntyre
KABC, Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES — The great talk radio host Ray Briem died yesterday (12/12/12) at age 82.  For nearly 30-years Ray owned overnights in Southern California.  Ray was heard weeknights from Midnight to 5:00 am and his show was mandatory listening for the night people.  Ray was one of the principle architects of the Prop 13 movement in California, providing Howard Jarvis a regular platform to pitch his historic tax reform measure.

Years before anyone was talking about immigration, Ray did a broadcast from a helicopter over the Mexican border to report on the then-rarely discussed but emerging issue.

He was a passionate supporter of big  band music and the great American Songbook and regularly featured interviews with music legends including folks like Les Paul and Artie Shaw and going back in time, Louis Armstrong.  He was invited to Sinatra recording sessions and was in the studio when Sinatra recorded “Come Fly With Me.”

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