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Start Doing THIS Right NOW on Facebook!

| October 29, 2012

By Chris Miller
Chris Miller Digital

SHAKER HEIGHTS — Over here on the digital side, it’s a common belief that Facebook has drastically cut back on how many people see our branded posts, so that we have to buy more advertising.  That may well be the case!  However, the Facebook folks are not only concerned about money, they’re also concerned about their version of time spent listening.  They want you to visit more often; and they want you to scroll further down your news feed than you do now.  They may limiting how much stuff people see from us commercial enterprises, so that it doesn’t crowd out what they see from their friends and family.

In any event, you’re lucky if 15% of your followers see any given post of yours.  REAL lucky.

So, here are the state-of-the-art techniques that will help you get seen more, and engaged with more often.  If you’re doing it right, that will then lead to more on-air and online usage of your radio station, which is the ultimate goal.

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