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November 2021 PPM Ratings Takeaways – Part One

| December 2, 2021

November 2021 PPM Data – Information for the November 2021 ratings period has been released for New York; Los Angeles; Chicago; San Francisco; Dallas; Houston; Atlanta; Philadelphia; Nassau-Suffolk (Long Island); Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario; San Jose; and Middlesex-Somerset-Union.

Nielsen Audio’s November 2021 sweep covered October 14 – November 10.

TALKERS magazine managing editor Mike Kinosian provides “Takeaways” for spoken-word stations finishing in their respective markets’ top twenty.

Cited as well are each particular city’s #1 station (6+) and loftiest (6+) upticks and drop-offs.

All comparisons noted are October 2021 – November 2021 (6+).


News/Talk: Red Apple Media’s WABC-AM & WLIR-FM “77 Talk Radio” 2.4 – 2.6, +.2, #17 to #15

iHeartMedia-owned WOR “710 – The Voice of New York” 2.2 – 2.4, +.2, #18 to #17

News: Audacy’s WINS “1010 – All News/All The Time” 2.8 – 3.6, +.8, #14 to #8 and co-owned WCBS-AM “News Radio 880” 2.1 – 2.3, +.2, #19 to #18

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WFAN-FM & WFAN-AM “Sports Radio 101.9 FM & 66 AM” (Giants and Nets) 3.3 – 3.2, -.1, flat at #11

Public Radio News/Talk: WNYC Broadcasting Foundation-owned WNYC-FM 3.6 – 2.9, -.7, #8 to #12

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia adult contemporary WLTW, fourth straight month, 7.0 – 6.8, -.2

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: news WINS (+.8)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: classical WQXR (-.8)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s KFI “AM 640” 3.2 – 3.5, +.3, tenth to eighth

News: Audacy’s KNX “1070 News Radio” 3.1 – 2.9, -.2, #11 to #10

Sports Talk: iHeartMedia-owned KLAC “AM 570 LA Sports” (Chargers and Clippers) 2.5 – 2.2, -.3, #13 to #18

Public Radio News/Talk: None in the top twenty

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia adult contemporary KOST, fourth successive month, 6.3 – 6.0, -.3

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: smooth AC KTWV (+.5)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: Spanish adult hits KLYY (-.9)


News/Talk: Nexstar Media Group’s WGN “Radio 720” (Blackhawks) 3.5 – 3.7, +.2, locked in ninth-place

News: Audacy-owned WBBM-AM & WCFS “News Radio 780 AM & 105.9 FM” (Bears) 6.7 – 5.7, -1.0, #1

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WSCR “670 The Score” (Bulls) 2.5 – 2.1, -.4, #14 to #19

Public Radio News/Talk: Chicago Public Media-owned WBEZ 4.9 – 4.7, -.2, third to fifth

Number One 6+ (Tie): news WBBM-AM & WCFS, third straight month, 6.7 – 5.7, -1.0 and iHeartMedia adult contemporary WLIT, first month, 4.6 – 5.7, +1.1

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: adult contemporary WLIT (+1.1)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: news WBBM-AM & WCFS (-1.0)


News/Talk: Cumulus Media-owned KGO “810 AM” 1.7 – 1.8, +.1, remains at #19

News: Audacy’s KCBS-AM & KFRC “All News 740 AM & 106.9 FM” 6.0 – 7.2, +1.2, third to second

Sports Talk: Cumulus Media-owned KNBR “The Sports Leader” (49ers) 6.9 – 4.0, -2.9, second to sixth

Public Radio News/Talk: KQED, Inc.’s KQED 7.2 – 7.8, +.6, #1

Number One 6+: public radio news/talk KQED, eleventh straight month, 7.2 – 7.8, +.6

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: news KCBS-AM & KFRC (+1.2)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: sports talk KNBR (-2.9)*

*Represents the largest October 2021 – November 2021 decrease (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets


News/Talk: Cumulus Media-owned WBAP “News Talk 820 AM & 99.5 HD2 FM” 3.6 – 3.4, -.2, ninth to tenth

News – Talk: Audacy’s KRLD-AM “News Radio 1080” 1.9 – 2.2, +.3, #23 to #19

Sports Talk: Cumulus Media-owned KTCK “Sports Radio The Ticket” (Stars) 4.0 – 4.1, +.1, fifth to sixth

Audacy’s KRLD-FM “105.3 The Fan” (Cowboys) 2.3 – 2.2, -.1, flat at #19

Public Radio News/Talk: North Texas Public Broadcasting-owned KERA 3.0 – 2.8, -.2, stays at #15

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia CHR KHKS, fourth month in a row, 5.4 – 5.1, -.3

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: urban contemporary KKDA-FM (+1.2)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: hot AC KDMX (-.6)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia’s KTRH “AM 740 News Radio” 4.8 – 4.9, +.1, seventh to sixth

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: None in the top twenty

Public Radio News/Talk: University of Houston-owned KUHF 2.6 – 2.4, -.2, #18 to #19

Number One 6+ (Tie): iHeartMedia adult contemporary KODA, seventh consecutive month, 6.5 – 6.6, +.1 and Univision regional Mexican KLTN, first month, 6.2 – 6.6, +.4

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase (Tie): contemporary Christian KSBJ and CHR KRBE (+.5)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: regional Mexican KQQK (-.6)


News/Talk: Cox Media Group-owned WSB-AM & WSBB “Atlanta’s News & Talk” 9.6 – 9.3, -.3, #1

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Dickey Broadcasting-owned WCNN “The Fan” (2021 World Series champion Braves) 2.2 – 3.0, +.8, #17 to #11

Audacy’s WZGC “92.9 The Game” (Falcons and Hawks) 2.9 – 2.5, -.4, #11 to #14

Public Radio News/Talk: Atlanta Public Schools’ WABE 2.4 – 2.7, +.3, #14 to #13

Number One 6+: news/talk WSB-AM, 30th consecutive month, 9.6 – 9.3, -.3

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase (Tie): sports talk WCNN and urban AC WALR (+.8)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: news/talk WGKA (-.6)


News/Talk: Audacy-owned WPHT “Talk Radio 1210” 1.4 – 1.5, +.1, #20 to #19

News: Audacy’s KYW & WPHI “News Radio 1060 AM & 103.9 FM” 5.3 – 5.2, -.1, sixth to fourth

Sports Talk: Audacy-owned WIP “Sports Radio 94” (Eagles) 5.5 – 5.1, -.4, fifth to sixth

Beasley Media Group’s WPEN-FM “97.5 The Fanatic” (76ers and Flyers) 1.8 – 2.3, +.5, #17 to #14

Public Radio News/Talk: WHYY’s WHYY 5.6 – 5.2, -.4, flat at #4

Number One 6+: iHeartMedia urban AC WDAS-FM, eleventh straight month, steady at 8.7

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: classic rock WMGK (+.9)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: triple A WXPN (-.6)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia-owned WOR “710 – The Voice of New York” 2.7 – 3.0, +.3, #15 to #13

News: Audacy’s WCBS-AM “News Radio 880” 2.9 – 3.5, +.6, #12 to #10 and cluster-mate WINS “1010 – All News/All The Time” 2.8 – 3.0, +.2, steady at #13

Sports Talk: Audacy’s WFAN-FM & WFAN-AM “Sports Radio 101.9 FM & 66 AM” (Giants and Nets) 4.9 – 4.5, -.4, continues in fourth-place

Public Radio News/Talk:  None in the top twenty

Number One 6+: Audacy classic hits-oldies WCBS-FM, fourth straight month, 6.3 – 6.9, +.6

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: CHR WHTZ (+1.2)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: CHR WBLI (-1.1)


News/Talk: iHeartMedia-owned KFI “AM 640” 2.7 – 2.6, -.1, #14 to #13

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: None in the top twenty

Public Radio News/Talk: None in the top twenty

Number One 6+: Anaheim Broadcasting classic hits-oldies KOLA, eighth straight month, 8.6 – 7.5, -1.1

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: regional Mexican KRQB (+.7)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: classic hits-oldies KOLA (-1.1)


News/Talk: Cumulus Media-owned KGO “810 AM” 2.1 – 2.3, +.2, #15 to #14

News: Audacy’s KCBS-AM & KFRC “All News 740 AM & 106.9 FM” 5.7 – 6.2, +.5, carries on in second-place

Sports Talk: Cumulus Media’s KNBR “The Sports Leader” (49ers) 4.0 – 2.0, -2.0, #6 to #17

Public Radio News/Talk: KQED, Inc.’s KQED 7.9 – 8.3, +.4, #1

Number One 6+: public radio news/talk KQED, tenth month in a row, 7.9 – 8.3, +.4

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: adult contemporary KOIT-FM (+1.8)**

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: sports talk KNBR (-2.0)

**Represents the largest October 2021 – November 2021 increase (6+) of any station from these 12 PPM-markets


News/Talk: Townsquare Media-owned WKXW “New Jersey 101.5” 3.7 – 4.6, +.9, tenth to eighth

News: None in the top twenty

Sports Talk: Audacy-owned WFAN-FM & WFAN-AM “Sports Radio 101.9 FM & 66 AM” (Giants and Nets) 3.0 – 2.6, -.4, #12 to #13

Public Radio News/Talk: WNYC Broadcasting Foundation’s WNYC-FM 4.1 – 3.9, -.2, repeats at #9

Number One 6+: Spanish Broadcasting System Spanish tropical WSKQ, third month in a row, 7.4 – 7.8, +.4

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Increase: news/talk WKXW (+.9)

Largest 6+ October 2021 – November 2021 Decrease: urban contemporary WXBK (-2.2)***

***Eight (8) days into the November sweep (10/22), country WNSH flipped to urban contemporary WXBK

Up next: November 2021 overviews for: Washington, DC; Boston; Miami; Seattle; Detroit; Phoenix; Minneapolis; San Diego; Tampa; Denver; Baltimore; and St. Louis.

Email Mike Kinosian at

Pending Business: Is Radio Still the Frequency Medium?

| August 23, 2021

By Steve Lapa
Lapcom Communications Corp


PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — Do you remember this rule from basic sales training? Radio is a frequency medium. Radio is the more efficient way to deliver a message with high repetition to a qualified audience and for measurable results; your message needs to hit your target audience at least_____times.

How many times should a target consumer hear an audio message to generate response?

Pick a reasonable number that will trigger a purchase cycle, before the message becomes an irritant. Can’t find a number?  You are not alone. I think the rules have changed faster than you realize.

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Monday Memo: “And While I Have You…”

| August 2, 2021

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — Snapshots of the status quo:

  • Stations with local talent – characters familiar and visible to and interacting with listeners — are conspicuous, compared to robotic AM/FMs and digital competitors.
  • Talk radio is advantaged over music radio. It’s never on-in-the-background. And at its best, it makes the audience the show. People are no longer content to merely consume media. They love selfies.
  • Digital media shares SO well. When broadcasters “go viral,” users are evangelizing for us.
  • Many stations’ promotional budgets are near-non-existent.
  • We need revenue from digital.

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Monday, May 17, 2021

| May 17, 2021

Monday Memo: Listeners Kidnapped! “They’re being abducted! Snatched-up in our own house,” consultant Holland Cooke warns. In this week’s column: How transmitters are diverting media consumers elsewhere and how smart stations are “riding the horse in the direction he’s facing.” Read it here.

Pending Business: Elvis Has Left the Building. Sales pro Steve Lapa, president of Lapcom Communications Corp, has some advice for sellers who are caught short when a host committed to doing endorsement spots up and leaves his (or her) talk host gig with no notice. Obviously, that scenario puts sellers in a tough situation but a little planning ahead of time can ease the burden on the sales department a little bit. Read his column here.

CDC’s Mask Update/COVID-19, Israeli-Palestinian Violence, Rising Consumer Prices/Inflation Worries, Arizona Vote Audit, and Gates Divorce Controversy Among Top News/Talk Stories Over the Weekend. The CDC issues new mask guidance for Americans who are fully vaccinated, vaccine hesitancy, and death rate in India; the violence in Gaza as Israel and Hamas continue rocket fire and concerns about an all-out war; the soaring prices for consumer goods in the U.S. and worries about inflation; the 2020 presidential election vote audit taking place in Maricopa Country, Arizona; and the controversy surrounding the divorce of Bill and Melinda Gates and the Jeffrey Epstein connection were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio over the weekend, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.

Bloomberg Radio Surpasses 400-Affiliate Station Mark. Syndication firm Key Networks announces that radio business news provider Bloomberg Radio hits a “major benchmark in affiliate growth, with over 400 stations now carrying its business and consumer news programming, a whopping 25% growth rate in the first six months.” In late October 2020, Key Networks entered into an exclusive agreement with Bloomberg Radio to manage all network advertising sales, affiliate sales and marketing. Global head of Bloomberg television and radio Al Mayers says, “The results speak for themselves. In six months, Key Networks has grown Bloomberg’s existing affiliates – including virtually all major radio groups – and added new groups and stations to our portfolio. When you combine the magic of Key Networks’ smart marketing strategies and fresh new approach to affiliations with the high-quality programming that Bloomberg offers, you can take a fully mature network and supercharge its growth.” Bloomberg’s news content includes live, customized reports for stations, “Bloomberg Money Minutes,” and Bloomberg specialty features that appeal to a diversity of audiences and interests, including the “Black Business Report,” “Green Business Report,” “Bloomberg Business of Sports,” and “The Luxury Report,” among others.

‘New Jersey 101.5’ to Present ‘Summer of ‘21’ Town Hall Broadcast. This Thursday (5/20), Townsquare Media’s WKXW-FM, Trenton “New Jersey 101.5” is presenting the latest in a series of Town Hall broadcasts to help New Jersey deal with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. New Jersey 101.5’s Eric Scott leads the news and digital departments in helping New Jersey families stay safe and have fun in the Summer of ’21. Scott says, “Everyone is understandably anxious for a summer of fun. This program will help guide families into making smart decisions so they can enjoy the summer safely.” The program’s on-air expert panel will feature Dr. Margaret Fisher, world-renowned pediatric infectious disease specialist and Jeff Vasser, executive director of the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism. The program will also feature check-ins with the mayors of New Jersey shore towns and representatives from the state’s biggest venues and attractions. Scott and his guests will also answer live, call-in questions from listeners throughout the hour.

KKOB-FM, Albuquerque Joins Multi-Media Effort to Address Literacy. Albuquerque news/talk KKOB-FM is working with The Albuquerque Journal and KOAT-TV to address New Mexico’s low literacy rate through The Literacy Project. The Cumulus Media station and its partners have been meeting for several months on the project after a recent study from the National Center for Education Statistics showed that New Mexico ranks 49th in literacy nationwide. Even more alarming, literacy rates in New Mexico appear to not have made any significant improvements in the last 20 years. As a result, the three newsrooms have pledged 12 months or more of layered, in-depth coverage to identify the gaps, resources and opportunities to create positive, workable solutions. The special coverage kicks off this weekend. Cumulus VP and market manager Jeff Berry says, “I believe we can do this together. As news leaders, we know how to be catalysts for change. We know how to get the attention of government and industry. We know how to rally public opinion and support. We want to use our joint strength and training to serve the state in a way that can truly enhance and assist public and private educational efforts.” Each organization has assigned some it its top reporters to this complex issue. “96.3 News Radio KKOB” operations manager Jared Hart is assigning Haylee Gonzales and is enlisting the talk show hosts in planning featured experts.

‘ESPN Cleveland’ to Honor Super Fan Stan the Man. Today (5/17), Good Karma Brands’ sports talk WKNR-AM “ESPN Cleveland” is producing a special tribute to local super fan Stan the Man, a.k.a. Leonard Stanislaus Lisewsky, who passed away last Wednesday at the age of 77. The station says it was saddened to learn of the longtime fan and caller’s passing. “Stan was a lifelong Browns fan who also loved golf. His regular calls to ‘The Really Big Show’ became a highlight of that day’s program. He even had his own produced open that was played to introduce each of his calls into the show.” Today’s tribute will air live from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm “850 ESPN Cleveland.”

TALKERS News Notes. A new collaboration between Bloomberg Media and iHeartMedia is an exclusive multiyear agreement for the two companies to produce and distribute more than a dozen new original podcasts, and will also include the distribution of Bloomberg Media’s existing slate of over 20 podcasts through the iHeartPodcast Network. iHeartMedia Digital Audio Group CEO Conal Byrne says, “Bloomberg Media continues to be one of the first, most-trusted destinations for high-quality content – from market news to business trends, to deeper financial backstories on what’s moving the economy overall. We are excited to partner with Bloomberg, not only to grow the audience of their existing slate of great shows, but to develop a whole new list of titles across the next several years, combining their editorial expertise with our mass reach and monetization.”…..ABC Audio, ESPN Audio and National Geographic presented on the final day of the last week’s IAB Podcast Upfront and announced upcoming podcast projects, including ABC’s launch of LZ Granderson’s LGBTQ+ focused “Life Out Loud with LZ Granderson.” National Geographic’s Tara Roberts previewed a new six-part series as she sets off on the journey of a lifetime, traveling with divers to investigate the lost stories of the slave trade — both to expand the historical record and to honor the estimated 1.8 million unsung souls who perished during the Middle Passage…..KQED-FM, San Francisco announces that journalist Alexis Madrigal is named co-host of KQED’s long-running public affairs radio program, “Forum.” Madrigal arrives at KQED from The Atlantic, where he was a staff writer. Madrigal will take over the 9:00 am hour of “Forum” while Mina Kim continues to host the 10:00 am hour, which is shared with stations statewide and explores current affairs through the lens of race, justice and equality. Madrigal was selected after a national search to fill the 9:00 am slot of “Forum” vacated by Michael Krasny, who retired in February after a distinguished 28-year career at KQED.

Dr. Jack Casey Leaving Emerson College’s WERS, Boston. Veteran radio executive and educator Dr. Jack Casey is leaving Emerson College’s WERS-FM, Boston later this month to expand his media career as a consultant. Casey, who has been general manager of WERS for the past 16 years, says, “I am grateful that Emerson College sees the potential of WERS, both as a real-world training ground for students and, just as importantly, as a vibrant and robust fundraising stream. This has truly been a team effort and I appreciate all the hard work done by our professional staff, as well as by student managers and volunteers. I hope the higher education community takes note of what can be accomplished by professional management and willing students. College and university radio stations don’t have to be sandboxes. They can be competitive, revenue producing, major market media outlets. In addition, I couldn’t be happier to be passing the baton to our longtime operations manager Howard ‘D’ Simpson.”

Morning Radio Opportunity at KFAQ, Tulsa. Thirteen-year KFAQ, Tulsa morning host Pat Campbell is not returning to his show in order to focus on health challenges. As a result, Griffin Communications is seeking his successor. Director of operations and programming Steve Hunter says, “We are looking for someone to fill his big shoes. We need someone that is plugged into current events, sports and community events. This is a rare opportunity to work for a locally owned company in brand-new, state-of-art studios in the heart of downtown Tulsa. Griffin Communications Tulsa Radio/Talk Radio 1170 is looking for an on-air talent that can do a daily morning show that speaks to our 35-54-year-old demo. Digital/Social Media skills are a must. We are seeking a great communicator and a fun storyteller with a keen sense of how to create excellent content that will be displayed across all our platforms. The perfect candidate is exceptional on the air, excellent digitally and has worked in various formats including talk radio, news radio or sports radio. This is a very active radio group, heavily involved in the community and requires someone who is fearless and willing to get out of the studio and meet listeners. If you are ready to work in a building full of incredible talent with a family atmosphere and a must-win attitude, we would love to hear from you. Must be willing to work a flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays. Qualified candidates can contact me or Talk Radio 1170 PD Jeremie Poplin at

EWTN Seeks Producer/Call Screener. Religious broadcaster EWTN Global Catholic Network is seeking an associate producer/call screener. EWTN says, “As the first point of contact for listeners during live call-in programs, [the associate producer/call screener] utilizes excellent knowledge of the Catholic Faith and customer service skills to prep callers for on-air broadcast. Executes assigned duties of recording, editing, mixing and transferring audio to and from specific media. This position is also responsible for exceptional production and promotion of live and recorded programs to EWTN standards. What does EWTN offer? Career with Purpose; Family-oriented working environment; Competitive salary; Benefits Package (Health, Dental, Vision, Life and Retirement); 11 Paid Holidays and Paid Time Off; Online continuing education and degree programs through Catholic Distance University.” Get more information here. Please send cover letter, resume and salary requirements here. EOE.

Promotions Positions Open at Audacy. There are two positions open on the Promotions + Experiences team at Audacy. The company says it is “looking to add two talented, versatile promotions pros to our central Promotions + Experiences team. These individuals will focus on promotional partnerships with concert partners, activating select live performance venues, and play a vital role in live events across the company’s portfolio of brands.” You can learn more and to apply for the Promotion Director, Concerts & Experiences position here and do the same for the Promotion Manager, Concerts & Experiences position here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

| March 9, 2021

WJFK-FM, Washington at Center of Washington Football Team Investigation Controversy. As Mike Florio reports in Yahoo! Sports, Entercom’s sports talk WJFK-FM, Washington reported on Friday (3/5) that the NFL-ordered investigation into the culture of the Washington Football Team organization – especially regarding allegations of sexual harassment from women – led by attorney Beth Wilkinson has concluded that owner Daniel Snyder should be forced to sell the team. However, yesterday (3/8) the station issued a retraction because the NFL says the story is untrue and it has not yet received the Wilkinson report. The question is whether WJFK-FM received a stolen copy of the report or if Wilkinson herself tipped the radio station. In its statement, WJFK-FM said, “We do believe in the authenticity of the documents we reviewed, and that they are from the Wilkinson investigation, but we are unable to confirm that the report was a final draft or that it had been delivered to the League Office. As soon as we are able to report anything further on this, we will let you know — both as to what occurred in our Friday report and regarding the Wilkinson investigation generally.”

Radio Hall of Fame Announces Nomination Period Is Open. The Museum of Broadcast Communications announces that the Radio Hall of Fame nominating committee is now accepting suggestions for 2021 nominees through March 31. Suggestions for Radio Hall of Fame nominees can be made in the following categories: Longstanding Local/Regional (20 years or more); Active Local/Regional (10 years or more); Networks/Syndication (10 years or more); Longstanding Network/Syndication (20 years or more); Music Format On-Air Personality; and Spoken Word On-Air Personality. Radio Hall of Fame chairman Kraig T. Kitchin says, “We’re looking forward to celebrating the lifelong talents and career milestones of some of radio’s greatest! The first part of our annual process is fielding suggestions from listeners and industry members alike. It’s our priority to provide everyone the opportunity to be a part of this process.” Inductees will be honored at the annual Radio Hall of Fame induction ceremony, with plans to be held live in Chicago at a date to be announced later this year.

AdLarge Promotes Two Executives. Two AdLarge vice presidents are being promoted to senior vice president. Donelle Brown rises to SVP of marketing insights & client relations and Ilwira Marciszek becomes SVP, head of revenue operations and digital sales. In her new role, Donelle Brown will continue to drive marketing strategy and messaging across terrestrial and digital audio channels, as well as overall company branding and communications. Ilwira Marciszek will continue to focus on sales operations, tech, and partner relationships that drive revenue for the company. AdLarge co-CEO Cathy Csukas says, “[Co-CEO] Gary [Schonfeld] and I are so fortunate to have not only one but two phenomenal leaders on our team that have played such a significant role in the success of this company. Their enthusiasm and diligence have been instrumental in our growth in both radio and podcasting. We could not be prouder to recognize their hard work, talent, and dedication.”

Edison Research: Ownership of Smart Speakers Up 22%. According to data from Edison Research’s Infinite Dial 2021, 33% of all Americans now own a smart speaker, a 22% increase from 2020, with those working from home even more likely to own one of the devices. Forty-nine percent of Americans who work from home own at least one smart speaker such as an Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other brand. Edison will reveal more data from the research project at Thursday’s 2:00 pm ET webinar. It says The Infinite Dial 2021 report “provides the most up-to-date research on U.S. digital audio and podcast consumption, while reflecting the effects of a global pandemic and quarantine restrictions on audio and other digital media behaviors.” You can register here.

‘New Jersey 101.5’ to Hold Unemployment Town Hall. News/talk WKXW-FM, Trenton “New Jersey 101.5” is presenting a digital-exclusive town hall this Thursday (3/11) at 7:00 pm to address the issue of out-of-work residents struggling to get unemployment benefits. The half-hour program will be hosted by New Jersey 101.5 morning news anchor and director of special projects Eric Scott featuring New Jersey Labor Commissioner Robert Asaro-Angelo answering previously submitted questions from residents. Scott says, “Despite New Jersey distributing over $30 billion in jobless aid since the pandemic began, there are still tens of thousands who have received no benefits. Our goal is to connect those individuals with the help they need to get their claims processed.”

TALKERS News Notes. Nationally syndicated talk host Larry Elder is the subject of a piece in the monthly magazine Chronicles, published by the Charlemagne Institute – dedicated to “defending and advancing Western Civilization.” Salem Radio Network’s Elder is profiled in the piece and author Roger D. McGrath praises Elder’s recent documentary film Uncle Tom…..According to a story in the New York Post, Greg Kelly is joining Red Apple Media’s WABC, New York to serve as early afternoon host while Curtis Sliwa is on a leave of absence while he runs for mayor of New York. Kelly is currently also host of the “Greg Kelly Reports” program seen at 7:00 pm ET on Newsmax TV…..iHeartMedia chairman and CEO Bob Pittman and president, COO and CFO Rich Bressler will participate in a question and answer session during Deutsche Bank’s “29th Annual Media, Internet & Telecom Conference 2021” tomorrow (3/10) at 1:00 pm ET.

COVID-19 Stats & Vaccines, Stimulus Bill, Voting Rights Issues, Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment Allegations, Migrant Surge, Capitol Riot Investigation, Derek Chauvin Trial, Harry & Meghan Interview Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (3/8). The rate of positive COVID cases in the U.S., worries about variants, and the rollout of vaccines; the Biden COVID stimulus bill goes back to the House for a final vote; Joe Biden’s voting rights bill and bills being written to curtail voting accessibility in several states; the growing number of sexual harassment allegations against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; the surge of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border; the investigation into the January 6 Capitol riot; the Minneapolis trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin; and the Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan interview were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.