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July 2017 PPM Analysis: MLB Flagships

| August 23, 2017

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES — The second in our four-part series of July 2017 recaps is this year’s second ratings overview of Major League Baseball’s radio flagships.

More specifically, the following scoreboards are for each MLB team’s English-language, Nielsen Audio-subscribing key station.

While some MLB teams have a secondary outlet and/or an emergency alternative, we are showing one designated hitter per team.

Key outlets of the two New York franchises (Mets and Yankees) appear in three PPM-rated markets (New York, Long Island, and Middlesex); the Angels’ flagship is listed in Los Angeles and Riverside; and key stations of the San Francisco and Oakland franchises (Giants and A’s) appear in San Francisco and San Jose.

In these instances, ratings information is limited to New York City for the flagships of the Mets (WOR) and Yankees (WFAN); the only ratings stats used for the Angels’ key station (KLAA) is from the Los Angeles report; while flagships for the two Bay Area teams – Giants (KNBR) and A’s (KGMZ) – have San Francisco ratings info only.

No ratings information is shown for the flagship for the American League East’s Toronto Blue Jays (CJCL).

Full-week, Monday-Sunday, 6:00 am – 12:00 midnight (6+) is the ratings data cited here. It is not limited to a specific day-part.

The July 2017 ratings period covered June 22 – July 19.

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