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January 2018 PPM Analysis: News/Talk

| March 2, 2018

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

The third in our four-part special feature summary of January 2018 ratings overviews deals with (commercial, English language) news/talk outlets.

All-news was addressed on Wednesday (2/28) and sports talk facilities were highlighted yesterday (3/1).

Heightening the scope of our already expansive analysis, we’ve extended the ratings criteria for PPM-market news/talk facilities to those registering at least a .5 (6+) in the January 2018 ratings period, which covered January 4 – 31.

While at the same time robustly inflating the eligible news/talk sample base by approximately one-third, it slightly lowers the format’s (6+) AQH share and raises the typical (6+) market rank.

By way of perspective, an all-news station in our January 2018 sample usually has a Monday-Sunday (6+) average-quarter-hour share of 4.74 and ranks eighth (#8.29), whereas a sports talk outlet is 3.06/#13.00 (6+), and a representative qualifying news/talk property is 3.19/#14.67 (6+).

It’s imperative to note that the threshold for inclusion for all-news and sports talk remains the same from past overviews – a top-twenty finish (6+) in any PPM-market; this marks the first time we are implementing the .5 or higher yardstick (6+) for news/talk (only).

Nielsen Audio releases audience estimates for facilities that subscribe to its services. Owing to that consistent reason, ratings stats in this exclusive overview are limited to stations that pay Nielsen Audio for its data.

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January 2015 PPM Analysis: News

| March 2, 2015

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

kinosianLOS ANGELES Historically horrible winter weather conditions and the cessation of all-Christmas music are most likely contributing factors to the truly stunning January 2015 performance of all-news outlets.

For the most part, optimum ratings tracking of a radio format requires a sample base of at least 20 stations. Especially given that news is a uniquely major-market format, its universe of viable entries consequently hovers at that roughly 20-station level.

Although not coming anywhere close to possessing the massive volume of talk outlets, the feat all-news stations accomplished in the most recent sweep is nonetheless exceptionally impressive: Not one news station on the panel of properties we tracked regressed (6+) from “Holiday” 2014 to January 2015.

News facilities that rank in the top 20 in a PPM market (6+, January 2015) comprise the following scoreboards.

Nielsen Audio only releases audience estimates for stations that subscribe to its services. Owing to that reason, ratings stats in this TALKERS analysis are limited to stations that pay Nielsen Audio for its data.

An asterisk (*) designates genuine news-talk hybrids – stations whose broadcast day is approximately 50% news and 50% talk.

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