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How to Pump Up Your Weekend ‘How-To’ Show

| February 4, 2013

By Holland Cooke
Talk Radio Consultant

BLOCK ISLAND, RI — Few marketing opportunities can generate more new business than local talk radio…if you use it properly.  Thus all the buff stuff we hear on weekends, specialty programming that becomes appointment listening, and moves product and services for hosts who do fundamentally good radio, principally inviting callers’ questions.

Listeners use these shows for two things:

  1. Information: Consumers rely on experts for specific advice about products and services they’re shopping for.  That’s you, if your show includes news about your area of expertise, new product reviews, and interviews with guests who can explain and simplify what might otherwise seem complicated, even scary, to listeners.  In every city in the USA, Saturday/Sunday radio fare includes shows about auto repair, food and wine, health and fitness, home improvement, gardening, the law, pets, consumer electronics, and other specialties.
  2. Interaction: At its best, talk radio is two-way radio.  So THE MOST valuable use of your airtime is answering callers’ questions.  “The lawyer is in, the meter is off” is a very inviting proposition…and attorneys who host radio shows get lots of new clients by offering “free samples” in this fashion.  It’s remarkable how callers themselves will ask the law show host, “May I call you Monday at your office?”  Demonstrating your expertise on air is more powerful than a mere advertising pitch, and makes you seem more approachable than a Yellow Pages ad for your competitors.  So, generally, the more callers the better.  Each caller’s situation will be relatable to lots of listeners who don’t call…all of whom could become your customers.

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