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Preaching Against the Choir

| May 20, 2011

By Michael Harrison

NEW YORK –– Ten hands-on broadcasters express keen observations and expert opinions (plus a take by yours truly) in this issue’s feature article by ace trade journalist Mike Kinosian examining the state of progressive talk radio.   There’s also a provocative commentary about the subject in these pages by Lionel, a brilliant iconoclastic wordsmith who is no stranger to the genre but at one point in his career had a square-peg/round-hole relationship with it.  And Juan Williams sounds off on this concept as well (among other things) from the perspective of his public radio experience in the Talkers Interview.   Each presents a somewhat different point of view.  Collectively, they provide an insightful picture of one of the most interesting and enigmatic subgenres in the news/talk radio spectrum.

Enigmatic?  Most definitely!  A week doesn’t go by that I am not asked by either a reporter writing a newspaper article or a student doing a paper these two related but significantly flawed questions:

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