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More About IP Codecs

| March 4, 2013

By Thomas R. Ray, III CPBE, AMD, DRB
Tom Ray Consulting
Technical Editor

NEW YORK — Last week’s article on IP codecs generated numerous emails.  (In case you missed it, read that piece here.) The general gist of the emails is that these devices are not understood very well.  Granted, they are still a fairly new technology, but they are a mystery.  So, I’ll touch on several of the emails I received in hopes of clearing up some of the mystery.

The first note was from a station that is presently using an IP codec as an STL (Studio to Transmitter Link).   When they moved their facility several years ago, they found they would not be able to make a microwave shot to the transmitter site, and the local phone company fouled up the program line installation they requested (big surprise).  The station opted for the IP Codec route.

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