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Monday Memo: Sulking? or SHINING?

| April 6, 2020

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — Radio’s group owners continue to announce talent cutbacks, the bigger the company the worse the bleeding.  Not a happy time.  And not just for the on-air side.

Sales is scrambling too.

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Monday Memo: Advertisers Believe Each Other

| August 12, 2019

By Holland Cooke

BLOCK ISLAND, RI –  Here is unsolicited email from an advertiser – an auto parts retailer – on one of my client stations:

“At first I was skeptical about the advertising and whether or not I would see a benefit, but I figured I would try it.  For a little while I wasn’t seeing any benefit to it, but like the sales rep had said, I waited.  After 6 months I started to see a specific benefit from the advertising; people were coming in and saying they heard of the store on the radio!  Five years later I’m still getting new customers that hear of my business on the radio.  I would highly recommend this service to any business!”

If advertisers will volunteer kudos like that without the station asking, imagine the success stories you could tell if you bothered to ask!

Testimonial spots are THE best way to fill unsold avails. 


  • What message do you send filling with Ad Council PSAs?
  • Retailers are curious what’s working for other retailers.
  • Clients who appear in testimonial spots perceive them as free advertising for their businesses.

Important: YOU should write the spot. 


  • It’ll get done. Your client is busy.  He/she will probably ask you to anyway.
  • You DO commercials, he sells auto parts.

Consider: 30s, roughly half-and-half their-message/your-message:


With the weather getting cooler, you might have some unwelcome company.  Do you need “Pest Eviction,” from Thompson Exterminating?

I’m Chuck Thompson, and when I tell MY story, I tell it HERE.  ConnectFM is never just on-in-the-background, so listeners HEAR my message.

Account Executive:

New customers can hear YOUR message here too!  I’m Dominique.  Give me 60 seconds to demonstrate?  Email Tell My Story at Connect Radio dot FM.  Tell My Story at Connect Radio dot FM.

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