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Expert Guests

A Revolutionary Solution to America’s Health Care Crisis – Dr. Murray Sabrin.  Murray Sabrin, Ph.D, a retired professor of Finance at Ramapo College who emigrated with his family from West Germany to the United States in 1949, earned multiple degrees including a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University, was the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor in 1997, and founded the Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise in the Anisfield School of Business in 2007 with his wife, Florence, has completed his new book Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System (Page Publishing 2021): an intriguing discussion of the myriad shortcomings and unsustainability of America’s present healthcare system, and an alternative that is compatible with libertarian ideals. Why has medical care become so complicated – and expensive? Not very long ago, an individual would visit a doctor to be treated for an illness that could not be “cured” by one of Grandma’s “recipes.” Whether it was a sore throat, earache, or digestive pain, Grandma usually had some homespun “medicine” to deal with a common health issue. And if Grandma’s “medicine chest” was not able to deal with a family member’s illness, a neighborhood doctor was usually available to treat working families at his office, or he would make a house call for a reasonable fee. Fast-forward to today. Is the current system of providing medical care, namely, through employer-based insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare, the optimal methods to provide high-quality, low-cost care to all Americans? The answer is a resounding no. To book an interview with Dr. Sabrin contact Victoria Jones at DC Radio Company. 917-865-3991.

Kate Zabriskie – Training Course Program Seminar Workshop.  Business Training Works – Onsite training provider answers your questions about soft-skills: customer service, communication skills, business etiquette, business writing, time management, presentation skills, train the trainer, creativity and critical thinking, negotiation, supervision skills, and the other basics that people need to be successful at work. Contact guest directly in Port Tobacco, MD.  Phone: 301-934-3250.  Cell/Text: 240-412-3955. kzabriskie@businesstrainingworks.com

Matt McCann – Long Term Care Expert.  Matt McCann, is recognized as one of the nation’s leading Long-Term Health Care (LTC) specialists and a nationally known speaker on Long-Term Health Care issues. Since 1998, Matt has been a leader in finding solutions for the physical, emotional and financial burdens LTC places on the American Family. He has been recognized by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance as one of the top specialists in the country. Contact guest directly in Darian, IL 630-487-2480.

Voss W. Graham – Performance Expert.  Expertise getting people to the next level of performance. Expertise in executive, manager and fast-tracker coaching. Provide insight for effective communication for individuals and teams. Experienced in Major Account Selling – moving sales teams and management from transactional to key account selling. Guide selection process using assessments and the interpretation of assessments to get the right people for the right jobs. Aligning performance with strategic objectives for accelerating growth. Author – Three Games of Selling. Tweets by @VossWGraham.  Contact guest directly in Cordova, TN.  Phone: 901-757-4434. Cell/text: 901-230-4036.

Wayne Avrashow – Expert on California Politics and Colorful Political Novelist.  Wayne Avrashow is a frequent contributor to RealClearPolitics and political junkie.  He has an extensive background in California politics, served on two government commissions, was chair of a Los Angeles County ballot proposition, and co-authored ballot arguments.  He began as a campaign manager for two victorious Los Angeles City Councilmembers and later served as chief of staff.  As a lawyer and lobbyist, he represented clients before numerous California municipalities and in Nevada and Idaho.  He has lectured at Southwestern University of Law and was an adjunct professor at Woodbury University in Los Angeles.  He authored numerous op-ed articles that appeared in daily newspapers and in legal, business, and real estate publications.  He authored Success at Mediation: 10 Strategic Tools for Attorneys, a book used by law students at the University of Southern California School of Law. And he is the author of a current Amazon best-selling novel Center Stage: A Political Thriller (2021, RealClearPublishing) about a rock star who runs for the U.S. Senate.  His experiences in politics, government and business, and as a practicing attorney provide unique insight into the machinations and characters that populate political campaigns.  His website is  He can be contacted directly at 818-995-1100 or