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Dr. Carol Swain – Progressive Agendas Are Controlling Mainstream Kids’ Shows.  According to Nickelodeon, even environmental issues are caused by systemic racism. The term for that, they explained, is “environmental racism.” In response, Dr. Carol Swain revealed that progressive agendas are controlling mainstream children’s programming. What’s more: most parents don’t recognize it. Dr. Swain joined Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt to discuss Nickelodeon’s latest teaching moment.  “I don’t think [parents] realize [that] children’s programming, whether we talk about cartoons or […] Sesame Street, […] have adults with progressive agendas who are not trying to educate your children,” said Dr. Swain. “They’re trying to indoctrinate them with ideas that come from the radical left in academia. They’re not content with destroying the lives of college students. Now they’re focused on K-12.” Contact guest in Nashville at 615-310-8617.

Kathryn Troutman – Federal Career Coach – First Lady Jill Biden Shines Light on Military Spouse Employment. Recently First Lady Jill Biden announced renewed support of Joining Forces, a White House initiative to support military and veteran families that she began with then-First-Lady Michelle Obama in 2011. A key plank in the current program is helping military spouses overcome challenges that make finding employment difficult. These barriers include frequent moves and transfers, and difficulty in explaining gaps in their resumes. Read the Briefing Room Report here. “How can we keep our military strong if we don’t give our families what they need to thrive?” said Dr. Biden, who herself is a military mother and grandmother.  Contact guest in Catonsville, MD. Kathryn Troutman.

Jason W. Park, Ph.D. – Author of the memoir: Bliss + Blues = Bipolar Bipolar.  Author Shares Insights for Mental Health Awareness Month.   Author Jason W. Park, Ph.D. (memoir Bliss + Blues = Bipolar) has been in recovery from Bipolar Disorder for five years. He says, “There is no cure for Bipolar, but recovery is possible” For Mental Health Awareness Month (May), he shares a five-pillar strategy for maintaining or gaining Bipolar recovery that he wishes his younger self had known. Park’s book is a cautionary tale recounting the 20 years of ups and downs between his own diagnosis and recovery. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in five Americans experience mental illness historically, and in COVID times even more have been confronted with depression and anxiety. During Mental Health Awareness Month, they are spreading the word that those afflicted are not alone and that resources and support are available for getting better. Jason W. Park, Ph.D., author of the memoir Bliss + Blues = Bipolar, wants to help spread NAMI’s message of “You Are Not Alone” when it comes to Bipolar Disorder. His mission is to share the lessons he’s learned in his own hard-earned recovery from the illness. “Properly diagnosed, properly medicated, in therapy, people with Bipolar Disorder like me can recover and blend back into society,” says Jason. “But we have to take care of ourselves and get the help needed.”  Contact guest directly: Jason W. Park. 310-488-4570.

William S. Bike – Historical Commentator – Major League Baseball Faces Republican Wrath.  Chicago-based William S. Bike, historian, media consultant, and author of the book The Forgotten 1970 Chicago Cubs: Go and Glow, a history of the Chicago Cubs’ 1970 season, published an article, “Major League Baseball Faces Republican Wrath,” about MLB’s Anti-Trust exemption for the online publication Medium. After Major League Baseball pulled its All-Star game from Atlanta, Georgia, because the state passed restrictions on voting, Republican Senators Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Mike Lee drafted legislation to end MLB’s anti-trust exemption. In the article, Bike details the history of MLB’s anti-trust exemption, and discusses Major League outfielder Curt Flood’s 1970 challenge to it. Contact guest directly: or (312) 622-6029.

Timothy A. Dimoff – High Risk Security Expert Being Unionized? Is Your Company at Risk for Being Unionized? As the office environment starts to come back to life, it’s essential to use caution about allowing employees or outsiders to sell crafts and goodies there. Businesses have permitted annual craft fairs, bake sales, or product vending by employees, families, or the public as a goodwill gesture. If you do, you are opening Pandora’s box. According to the National Labor Relations Board, employers that allow craft fairs or bake sales on their premises and then refuse to permit equal access to a union representative may be committing an unfair labor practice. And we know there is some national interest in union formation, as depicted in the recent activity at Amazon, Generally, you cannot be compelled to permit non-employee union agents to distribute literature or solicit membership on company property. However, there are important exceptions to this rule. Contact: Carol Saferin: 440-669-6325.

Dr. Rob Moir – Ocean River Institute.  The Ocean River Institute helps people and groups make a difference where they live through environmental stewardship and science. Many environmental issues are best addressed by people taking action in their own communities and regions, not by large, national entities. However, localized or newly formed groups often need help to achieve their goals. That’s where ORI comes in. ORI maintains a network of Partners, connecting them with resources and services to help them maximize their impact, expand their capacity, and weather unanticipated setbacks. ORI Actions and Events offer opportunities to make a difference for environments and wildlife. Contact guest directly:  617-661-6647.

Marsha Egan, CSP – Workplace Productivity Coach.  Celebrated speaker, facilitator, author, and e-mail productivity expert, Marsha Egan has coached CEOs and leaders from some of the country’s top companies and built a thriving coaching firm through networking and professional speaking. She brings over 25 years of outstanding corporate and volunteer experience to the leadership of her workplace productivity coaching firm, The Egan Group, Inc.  Her coaching insight is valuable for business and personal angles alike. Media trained, engaging (and with a sense of humor,) she’s appeared in countless international media outlets including ABC Nightly News, Fox and Friends, Canada AM, French TV, WNBC Australia, CNN, MSN, and Yahoo. She’s been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, NY Post, Shape Magazine, Washington Post, and Real Simple, to name a handful. Nantucket, MA. Direct phone: 610-777-3795. Cell: 610-780-1640.  marsha@marshaegan.com