Expert Guests

Marsha Egan, CSP – Workplace Productivity Coach.  Celebrated speaker, facilitator, author, and e-mail productivity expert, Marsha Egan has coached CEOs and leaders from some of the country’s top companies and built a thriving coaching firm through networking and professional speaking. She brings over 25 years of outstanding corporate and volunteer experience to the leadership of her workplace productivity coaching firm, The Egan Group, Inc.  Her coaching insight is valuable for business and personal angles alike. Media trained, engaging (and with a sense of humor,) she’s appeared in countless international media outlets including ABC Nightly News, Fox and Friends, Canada AM, French TV, WNBC Australia, CNN, MSN, and Yahoo. She’s been interviewed by the Chicago Tribune, NY Post, Shape Magazine, Washington Post, and Real Simple, to name a handful. Nantucket, MA. Direct phone: 610-777-3795. Cell: 610-780-1640.  marsha@marshaegan.com

Mary L. Flett, Ph.D.Aging Expert.  Finding Purpose in the Pandemic.  Guest says: I catch myself prefacing what I say about the pandemic because I am not sure how my PICK ONE [feelings], [opinions], [insights] might be received. You see, I am actually grateful for the pandemic. Let me clarify. I am not grateful that millions of lives that have been lost. I am not grateful that people continue to suffer because of it. I am not grateful that economies all over the world have been up-ended and that people have lost their livelihoods, housing, or that human predators have taken advantage of every aspect of this viral scourge. No, I am grateful because the pandemic has slowed things down enough to reveal the rotten and pitted foundations of governments and systems that so many of us PICK ONE [assumed], [depended on], [never questioned] were there to help us. I am grateful because arising from this have been people and organizations who have filled the PICK ONE [gaps], [chasms], [holes] and have persisted against all odds in meeting the needs of those around them. Sonoma, CA. Direct: 707-938-5531. Cell:

Michael N. Wakshull –Forensic Document Examiner.  Q9 Consulting, Inc. was founded by forensic document examiner, Mike Wakshull. At Q9, they partner with their clients across the United States and internationally to authenticate documents for legal purposes. Services include handwriting identification; signature authentication; and examination of altered documents, computer-generated documents, digital documents, photocopies, contracts, wills, etc.  Temecula, CA. Direct: 951-252-4929. Cell: 805-501-3388. mikew@Quality9.com

George H. Hassanzadeh – Expert in Islamic Matters.  LA-based George H. Hassanzadeh, born and raised in a Shi’a Muslim family in Iran, is the author of Iran: Harsh Arm of Islam and is a recognized expert in Islam. He is in the process of releasing a series of books illustrating the distorted Shi’a, jihad, and Shari’a Laws practiced by the allegedly infallible Arab Shiite clerics forcing medieval rule and a system of mind control in 21st century Arab and non-Arab nations.  Book guest directly. 818) 321-9100.

Gayle Lantz – Leadership Expert.  Birmingham-based, Gayle Lantz is author of Take the Bull by the Horns: The Busy Leader’s Action Guide to Growing Your Business and Yourself. Gayle Lantz is a leadership expert and executive coach who helps organizations improve performance. She provides organizational consulting, strategic planning, executive coaching and speaking services in areas related to leadership effectiveness, team improvement and cultural change. Clients include organizations such as NASA, Microsoft, Southern Company and Compass Bank. Book guest directly.  205 879-8494

Dr. Burton Schuler – Foot Care Expert.  Dr. Burton S. Schuler, podiatrist, foot doctor, of Panama City, FL is this country leading expert on the painful medical problem known as the Morton’s Toe. He is the author of the book Why You Really Hurt: It All Starts In The Foot, which was published in 2009 and has sold over 20,000 copies (paperback). The book is the story of how the Morton’s Toe can cause pain throughout the whole body. Dr. Schuler is a 1975 graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He has also written the 1982 The Agony Of De-Feet, A Podiatrist’s Guide To Foot Care. His articles about the foot, have appeared in the leading podiatric journals and publications. He has been interviewed by such varied publications as The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and First for Women. During his 45 year career, he has appeared on hundreds of radio stations to give his expert opinion regarding the Morton’s Toe and other foot problems. Contact guest directly.  850-532-9253 cell/text.

Carol M. Swain – Political Scientist and Commentator – WHITE SUPREMACY FUFILLED? Dr. Swain Suspended from Facebook for Post Depicting Democrats in KKK Hoods. Shortly after advertising that she would have a special Facebook Live event for her followers, Dr. Carol Swain received a notification from Facebook that she was suspended from certain functions, including streaming live, for 30 days. “I had just made the announcement that I would be speaking live on my page the next day, which would have been Friday, and that I would be taking questions. I have been talking about Critical Race Theory. Then I got the notice I couldn’t go live, and I tried to contest it by filling out a problem report, and I have nothing from them,” Carol Swain said. “I feel like what they are doing with these tactics of Critical Race Theory and segregation in the schools is a rejection of the Civil Rights Act. It seems like they are rejecting integration.” Swain told me. Contact guest, Carol M. Swain, Nashville, 615-310-8617.

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