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‘Sitting in For…’

| December 23, 2021

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — It’s audition week in talk radio. With so many regulars on vacation, fill-in hosts are getting a listen. And listeners are hearing fresh air, a new voice, with a new take on topic du jour. And – unlike business-as-usual – listeners may get to hear each other more, if the regular host is prone to the monologue that squanders this format’s wonderful dialogue potential.

One hitch: What to talk about during what is a perennially slow news week? Yes, this virus has taught us that anything can happen, at any time. But the week between Christmas and New Year’s tends to lull. So, four suggestions:

 “Your New Year’s Resolutions, for…”

“…Joe Biden?”
“…Donald Trump?”

“…Joe Manchin?”

“…Governor ___?”

“…Senator ___?”
“…Mayor ___?”

“…Dr. Fauci?”

“…Elon Musk?”
“…Fox News?”


“…your spouse? Feel free to disguise your voice.” 😉

“…your next-door neighbor?”

“…(local luminaries)?”

“YOUR 2021 Person-of-the-Year?”

If Time magazine had asked me, I would’ve suggested U.S. Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman, who led January 6 insurrectionists away from the Senate Chamber as the Vice President of the United States was fleeing the crowd chanting, “Hang Mike Pence.”

Time didn’t ask, and chose Elon Musk instead. Callers’ suggestions?

“2022 Predictions?”

Get the ball rolling with yours.

Wanna hear the phone EXPLODE?

If you’re guest-hosting on a garden-variety conservative station, presume that syndicated hosts and the local talker you’re filling-in for preach-to-the-choir.

WARNING to your call screener: Things are about to get busier than usual, when Republicans listening hear you read this script: http://getonthenet.com/DoTheySpeakForYou.pdf

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