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Monday Memo: Speaking of Vaccine Mandates

| October 18, 2021

By Holland Cooke


BLOCK ISLAND, RI — While the USA remains an embarrassing hot spot in the worldwide COVID pandemic – and until we can come up with something else to argue about – new evidence demonstrates the importance of choosing our words carefully.

In a recent CNBC interview, pollster Frank Luntz shared recommendations based on fresh research:

  • Say “vaccine protocols.” If you say “vaccine mandates, you automatically lose half of the Republicans.”
  • Ditto “vaccine passports.” More acceptable: “vaccine verifications.”
  • Distrust of government disqualifies “government health experts;” but “public health experts” are heard more-objectively.
  • “Key language is about personal responsibility, safety, and health.”
  • As companies require employee vaccinations, here’s “CEO language” that works: “We respect the choices our people make, but it is our responsibility to keep everyone in our community safe and healthy. That is our first priority.”
  • CEOs need to demonstrate that they are “listening to our people, our customers, and the communities they serve.”

Luntz says “Social media is playing a really negative role in all of this. The people who are not vaccinated yet are getting too much of their information from social media, and that is clouding their judgment and frankly I am frightened about it.”

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