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Actions That Get You Booked

| October 11, 2021

By Walter Sterling
Syndicated Talk Show Host


SHAKER HEIGHTS, Oh — A compelling, appealing guest is very valuable to every radio show. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or have lived in the White House. To get booked on major radio shows requires a few fairly simple actions. Once a host “likes” you it won’t take long for you to quickly become a go-to guest

  1. When called, say “yes.”  I have had potential guests say that 11:00 pm is too late. No, really.
  1. I prepare questions, read the book and know your work. Therefore, know mine. Every show I’ve broadcast is on my website:

This is true for most hosts. Listen to enough of them so you “know” the show.  If you don’t know the show you will be easily offended; confused. Guest means guest, know your host’s show.

  1. This isn’t NPR – unless it is. Commercial broadcasters have time limits, topic goals and a get-to-it clock. If you can’t get-to-it, you will not be invited back.
  1. HAS THERE BEEN HUMAN SEX IN SPACE? Great guests roll with it. There is no question too stupid or outrageous. My best guest ever answered that question. Her name is Stephanie Osborn Ph.D. – a retired NASA payload specialist. I’ve asked her that question five times on five different shows, including the Jim Bohannon Show on Westwood One.  When in doubt, I book Dr. Osborn.
  1. A LOT OF CADILLACS HAVE BEEN SOLD IN 30 SECONDS. You may have a very short window to share your information. It doesn’t matter. That’s your gift. Have your sales facts ready, give them with joy and thank the host off the air for the time. Give the listener ONE way to reach you and repeat it three times. You won.

Walter Sterling is the host of the popular syndicated show, “Sterling on Sunday.”  He is also a longtime nationally renowned media consultant who has worked with some of the biggest companies and names in radio. He can be reached at 646-678-1110.  

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