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The Power of Talk Radio Has Never Been Stronger

| June 23, 2021

By Kathy Carr
The Howie Carr Radio Network


BOSTON — Legendary Boston talk show host Jerry Williams said it best when he told people he was in the advertising business. He was correct.

I still feel that radio, combined with more contemporary marketing methods, continues to be the most effective marketing medium out there today.

The thrill of closing a sale or getting that commission check will never come close to the praise you receive from a client when he tells you how important you have been in growing their business. It just never gets old and is probably the biggest reason I still love being in radio sales.

About three months ago I was up for an avail from an agency I do a lot of business with, but they went dark. When I followed up and asked what happened, I was informed that the client had shifted their budget to email campaigns. Quickly, I said, “I can do that!” I thought I was back watching A Chorus Line.

We convinced the company to let us do a couple of e-blasts for them. After a few successes, they were impressed enough to start buying live reads. Those worked too and now they’ve been on for four months.

We are radio, but we are most effective when we take advantage of all the new technology that is now available to us. As an industry, we need to keep up with all the advanced marketing vehicles and provide them to our clients to increase their business and stay current with the times.

We need to supplement the live reads with text messages, social media and eblasts. The live reads should be synchronized with the blasts and texts. Adding your clients’ ads to your podcasts gives them an added bang for their buck.

Wait until you see how pleased your customers are when they notice a spike in their weekend sales when their spots aren’t even running on the airwaves – only on your podcasts.

I have a client, EdenPURE, that markets a wide variety of creature comforts from Canton, Ohio. In the last year, EdenPURE has learned the selling power of talk radio and all that it has to offer, starting with live reads.

They came to me by chance and it had nothing to do with advertising. But I soon suggested we run a test-marketing campaign with live reads and they were willing to take a chance after months of conversation.

Jordan Ditty, president of EdenPURE says, “EdenPURE’s sales of our top-performing Air Purifier have grown by 200% with the power of talk show hosts like Howie Carr, Erick Erickson, and Grace Curley. With strong, sometimes unscripted, live-read endorsements, we have been able to reach a previously untapped audience that has translated into huge sales growth. With the addition of the hosts’ podcasts, site banners, text messaging and email campaigns, EdenPURE’s growth has exploded even further. It is truly a multi-channel marketing world.”

It just never gets old.

But it’s a new world and you can never rest on your laurels. You’re only as good as your client’s last sales report, which is why you must keep looking for new ways to help him sell his product or service… through you.

Thank you, Jerry Williams, for teaching me the ultimate lesson of radio. We are – all of us – in the advertising business.

Kathy Carr is President of HCRN that syndicates the Howie Carr Show and Grace Curley Shows. Kathy also provides media consulting for her clients.  She can be reached at

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