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Monday Memo: Profiting from the Pandemic, Part Deux

| July 20, 2020

By Holland Cooke

BLOCK ISLAND, RI — A month ago here, I outlined six sales tactics my client stations are monetizing. ICYMI:

And since then on my TV show we discussed opportunities now and in the foggy New Normal, with outspoken economist Richard Wolff:

Claustrophobes are hitting the road, and water.

A couple years ago, I did commercials for an RV dealer in Pennsylvania who explained that his season ended in July. Most years, anyone who wants one has bought it while there’s still some summer to wander.

  • But this isn’t most years. My client station says “He’s so busy now he can’t talk to us.”
  • Suggestion: Investigate RV stores where you are…even if they are busy.
  • Why: Often, counterintuitively, car dealers figure they can afford to advertise when business is great; but when they need it most, they reckon they can’t afford to. ‘Should be the other way around; but if your local RV guy is like-minded, write-him-up.

This get-me-out-of-the-house-but-keep-me-distanced mindset was also reflected in a TV news story this past week here in The Ocean State: big demand for boats.  One yacht broker, interviewed in front of his four remaining 40-foot sailboats, reckoned that buyers feel safe bobbing-around out there.

Brainstorm which products give cooped-up consumers a sense of control.

Services too.  It’s a staycation year for many; and deck and patio upgrades enhance time spent at home-sweet-home.

Copy point I like, ad-libbed by WPRO, Providence morning host Gene Valicenti, pitching homeowners on the importance of tree maintenance: “Call right now and get on the list.” Implies demand, thus importance.

My Texas client says his Sylvan Learning Center franchisee is spending big now; as a political commercial I hear on-air there touts the candidate’s endorsement by a home-schooling advocacy group.

Chaos presents opportunities.

Stay safe.

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