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“Holiday” 2019 PPM Analysis:
Adult Contemporary Part Two

| February 10, 2020

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES  —  The overwhelming majority of adult contemporary program directors simply cannot wait for the start of the “Holiday” survey period and they constantly express their gratitude that this thirteenth survey period was ever added to the annual ratings calendar

“Holiday,” of course, is the sweep in which many ACs (as well as some stations in other formats) temporarily pull the plug on regular programming and transition to wall-to-wall Christmas music.

It once again needs to be emphasized that not all adult contemporary outlets opt for the all-Christmas music tactic

Station executives have been asking the same question for years: When will the all-Christmas music phenomenon finally run out of gas?

To help give a clearer picture of where this genuine juggernaut programming strategy stands for adult contemporary, we’ve gathered data from the past six “Holiday” survey periods

First noteworthy nugget: “Holiday” 2019 AC stats greatly mirror those of “Holiday” 2018.

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