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November 2019 PPM Analysis: Sports Talk
(Part Two)

| December 16, 2019

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES —  Sports talk is the focus of this “Ratings Review Extra,” which further examines the state of the format.

In order to be included in the following summaries, a sports talk outlet (including online streams, if applicable) had to register at least a .5 (6+) in any of Nielsen Audio’s 48 PPM-markets in the November 2019 sweep.

The only three PPM-markets without at least one eligible sports talk station are Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, Salt Lake City, and West Palm Beach.

This November, only one sports talk station is listed in Riverside (KPWK, .1, 6+); none appear in the Salt Lake City report; and there are two sports talk stations in West Palm Beach but both are under a .5 (WMEN, .4, 6+, and WBZT, .1, 6+).

Part one of our more extensive November 2019 sports talk overview,  which dealt with individual stations, rather than market-by-market performance, was posted earlier this month (Friday, 12/6).

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