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Raising a Talk Host’s Profile

| March 13, 2019

By Ryan McCormick

Goldman McCormick PR


NEW YORK — How can on air personalities who regularly engage thousands (if not millions) of listeners further raise their public profiles and that of their stations?  Below are some ready-to-implement tips and advice.


Get active in charities that you are passionate about. Volunteer to host fundraisers or speak at events. Wearing your heart on your sleeve in this case not only helps those in need but, reveals to others that you do truly care about greater causes. It’s excellent personal PR and it’s a terrific reflection on your station.

Personalized Listener Engagement

Your listeners are the wind beneath your wings and there are a number of ways to strengthen your relationships with them. One is to call them – even for five minutes. A short personal call can manifest a lifetime of loyalty. Always ask your listeners about themselves and offer to help them whenever possible. Also, retweeting their tweets and personal engaging with them on social media can further solidify your bonds.

Raise Listener Involvement In Your Show

You may have several regular callers that add something to your program. Passionate listeners can be untapped potential. Why not consider the idea of creating a group of your 10-20 most loyal Listeners that you do a monthly call with? You can ask these individuals to offer guest suggestions and help promote your show on social media. Also, why not consider the idea of offering some of your retired listeners an internship? You may surprised at how many will take you up on the offer.

Build Local Media Alliances

Make strong connections with beloved statewide TV anchors and newspaper columnists. See if you can regularly feature these individuals on show. In building these alliances you are giving yourself prolonged exposure to the loyal fan bases of these individuals (who will probably become supporters of yours in time). Also, in making connections with members of the local media you can be in a good position to help in their time of need.

Maximize Guest Appearances

Create a pre-made social media post that your guests can copy and paste. Thank your guests on social media and praise the ones who definitely want to have back.

Social Media Posting

Hosts should regularly upload their various interviews and segments to social media which can increase their visibility. Their posts may be shared and picked up by other media outlets and potentially go viral.

Identify Your Elite PR Professionals 

Make a special folder for the publicist who responds at 2:07 am to your 2:02 am guest request. In that folder you should also add PR professionals who: have a consistency of delivering high-profile experts for you, offer individuals who aren’t always their clients (shows they are looking out for your best interests), and those who offer to do whatever the can to help you.

Identify and build strong relationships with a core group of PR professionals – these relationships with transcend the test of time and any career changes you may have. One of the ways to quickly earn the loyalty of a PR professional is to speak highly of them to their clients (that small communication could literally prolong their business engagement by years). Also, every now and then consider doing a five-minute interview with the PR rep’s “less-than-exciting” expert knowing that that same PR rep will be able to bring you an A-list guest in the future.

For full disclosure, our PR firm Goldman McCormick Public Relations works with thousands of radio show and we highly recommend us.

Have Ready-To-Go Perspectives

When there is a big breaking story, the media frantically seeks out experts to share their perspectives. On air personalities can substantially increase their likelihood of getting covered by the local and national media if they frequently have talking points ready to go. Here’s an example of how this works: A host can pre-record a 1-3 min sound byte of their insight on a top news headline and post (on their website) that audio clip along with a 1-2 paragraph perspective.

Get Media Training

Many may consider themselves masters behind the microphone however, being on TV is different ballgame. Radio personalities should seek professional media training. Being excellent on both radio and TV increase your effectiveness as a communicator and can help your expand your career.  We have worked with media trainer TJ Walker (he trains prime ministers and Fortune 500 CEO’s) for over 10 years and we think he’s one of the best in the world.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

On-air radio personalities are always in the public eye even when they don’t realize they are. Try to always speak kind words about others and practice random acts of kindness.  Not everyone goes viral for the wrong reasons.  You are the living message of your brand and a direct reflection of your station.  In our world, people conspire to help those who are kind to succeed in the same vein that they root for others who are cruel to fail.

Ryan McCormick is the co-founder of Goldman McCormick Public Relations (http://www.goldmanmccormick.com) and host of the Outer Limits of Inner Truth (www.outerlimitsradio.com) radio show.



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