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#MeToo One Year Later

| October 5, 2018

By Kevin Casey
TALKERS magazine
Executive Editor


LONGMEADOW, Mass — It is exactly one year since The New York Times triggered what has come to be known as the #MeToo movement by publishing an exposé by reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey on movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sexual improprieties that eventually brought him down along with a list of prominent men in the entertainment, business, media and political industries.  After a couple of turbulent weeks of headline dominating events emanating from Judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s controversial confirmation hearing culminating in what is certain to be a historic and consequential vote by the U.S. Senate, TALKERS looks at the #MeToo movement through lens of some of news/talk radio’s prominent female hosts.

 Opinion of a judge

Lisa Wexler is a Gracie Award-winning 12-year veteran of talk radio and an attorney who hosts a daily show on WGCH, Greenwich, CT in addition to being a twice-elected probate judge for the state’s Westport/Weston district. She tells TALKERS, “As a talk radio host, I can tell you that #MeToo began with the Bill Cosby story, which jammed our phones as no story has done before or since. We are in the middle of a cultural shift. Women’s voices are finally being heard. There is no going back.  At the same time, I sense unrest with the assumption that all accusations are presumptively true. Our commitment to fairness and due process is re-asserting itself. When we look back at the Kavanagh hearings, we will realize this was the watershed moment – when all of us were forced to re-examine our biases and values.”

The need for more female radio voices

Rita Cosby, also a Gracie Award-winner with a strong background in journalism, co-hosts (with Curtis Sliwa) a daily show on WABC, New York reflects, “There’s never been a more critical time to have a woman’s voice on talk radio!  This one year anniversary of the #MeToo movement powerfully reflects how much our listeners are discussing and often yearning for the female perspective in current events.  It’s also a reminder that there are many layers to the often complicated headlines of the day, and in general, women should not and cannot be ignored.”

The essence of the movement

Noted book publisher, journalist, college professor and 2018 recipient of the prestigious TALKERS Freedom of Speech Award, Karen Hunter hosts a daily show on the SiriusXM Satellite Radio Urban View channel. She tells TALKERS, “#MeToo has always been an unspoken factor in my life and, by extension, my radio program. Most of the topics discussed are through a lens of not being heard, seen or considered, which is the essence of the movement.”

The trivialization of violence

Joyce Kaufman, the 2014 recipient of the TALKERS Humanitarian of the Year award hosts a daily show about politics on statewide flamethrower WFTL, Fort Lauderdale/Miami. She tells TALKERS, “As a woman on the air in this era of public confessions, I have personally wrestled with the #MeToo movement. Sexual assault and rape are very serious subjects and I have let my listeners know that politicizing them would be ruinous for actual victims (accusers) and the accused. Unfortunately, I have been proven right. The trivialization of violence against woman by a hashtag has set a dangerous path going forward. Allegations are now considered enough to ruin a person’s life. So much for the presumption of innocence. The soul of this nation has been corrupted and compromised by the media and political partisans. Lock up your sons and daughters.”

A conservative woman in talk

Jennifer Horn co-hosts (with Brian Whitman) the morning show on KRLA (AM 870 “The Answer”), Los Angeles in addition to appearing nationally on the syndicated DJV Show (with Doug Stephan and Victoria Keelan).  She says, “I am not sure if any on us knew what we were witnessing when we watched the fall of Harvey Weinstein one year ago today.  The #MeToo movement has not only impacted Hollywood and our work lives, but it has also had a profound impact on the political world with many calling 2018 ‘the year of the woman.’ As a conservative woman in talk radio, it has become even more important for me to examine the facts and focus on truths and evidence over emotions to make sure we keep the integrity of the movement in place while fairly treating those who have been accused.”

A victim herself

Perennial member of the TALKERS Heavy Hundred and author, Heidi Harris hosts a daily show on KMZQ, Las Vegas.  She emphatically states, “I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. How can that be? After all, aren’t all women supposed to stick together? Aren’t all men potential perpetrators, just looking for an opportunity?  Shouldn’t all women be believed automatically?  I have no sympathy because there’s no way for her to prove it, and no patience for this because I have been there myself. I didn’t go public about it until this week, because, like Christine Blasey Ford, I can’t prove it, and there’s no point in trying to destroy a man without any actual evidence.  This goes far beyond left or right politics. This is about putting half the population on notice that the other half can take them down at any time with decades-old accusations that cannot be verified or refuted.  Feminists have hijacked the #MeToo movement and made it nothing more than the latest weapon to bring men down, which also conveniently ignores legitimate victims like me or anyone else on the right. If Brett Kavanaugh’s career can be derailed by specious claims, all men had better beware. Someone you don’t even remember might be coming for you next.”

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