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PPM Analysis: January 2018’s
Highs & Lows

| March 12, 2018

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES — This time last month, we highlighted “Holiday” 2017 success achieved by stations programming all-Christmas music, as well as the significant consequence that proven programming strategy had across-the-board.

The following recaps the falloff (in some cases, particularly steep) that many of those all-Christmas music stations (the majority of which are adult contemporary) experienced in January 2018 and how stations in certain formats, including those in the spoken-word arena, have quickly rebounded.

Included below are all PPM-stations that either improved – or decreased – by one full-share (“Holiday” 2017 – January 2018, 6+).

We have broken out this interesting data market-by-market; format-by-format; highs to lows; and (6+) AQH share and ranking.

This supplements our earlier in-depth January 2018 ratings overviews of all-news (Wednesday, 2/28); sports talk (Thursday, 3/1); commercial news/talk (Friday, 3/2); and rhythmic CHR (Monday, 3/5).

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