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PPM Analysis: 2017 in Review

| February 13, 2018

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES — As was once again documented in exhaustive detail in our exclusive series of “Holiday” 2017 overviews posted here last week, the “Holiday” sweep is without question the most volatile of Nielsen Audio’s 13 ratings periods per calendar year, particularly as it relates to music radio. 

Historically, the December and January survey periods produce the next wildest activity as they directly lead up to and follow the “Holiday” momentum; things tend to quickly shake back to a sense of “normalcy” in the January report.

Owing to major programming modifications (primarily all-Christmas music), listening patterns change significantly, of course, in November and December.

Given that a variety of formats are impacted, pronounced ratings swings in the aforementioned survey periods are hardly limited though to music-intensive formats.

In anticipation of next week’s January 2018 results, let’s examine the extent and 2017 timeline of high/low fluctuations registered by a comprehensive cross-section of spoken-word stations.

Each facility shown here (a) appeared in all 13 ratings periods (January 2017 through “Holiday” 2017), notching a minimum of .1 (6+) each time and (b) reached 1.0 or higher (6+) at least once in the last 13 sweeps.

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