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“Holiday” 2017 PPM Analysis: Adult Contemporary

| February 7, 2018

By Mike Kinosian
Managing Editor

LOS ANGELES — We purposefully reserved the fourth installment of our comprehensive look at “Holiday” 2017 overviews for adult contemporary – the format that leads the way in the all-Christmas music programming strategy.

While a representative or two from some other formats engage in wall-to-wall Christmas music, adult contemporary was the originator and, by an overwhelming majority, it remains the most common proponent.

To be clear though, not every adult contemporary station listed here plays all-Christmas music during “Holiday” sweeps and some ACs even register a December 2017 – “Holiday” 2017 decline.

You will, however, see that the great majority of PPM-market adult contemporary stations are up month-to-month.

Whether or not they program all-Christmas music roughly between Thanksgiving week and Christmas Day, adult contemporary facilities that rank in the top 20 in a PPM-market (6+, “Holiday” 2017) comprise the following scoreboards in the industry’s most extensive overview of a “Holiday” ratings sweep.

Nielsen Audio only releases audience estimates for stations that subscribe to its services. Owing to that reason, ratings information in this “Holiday” 2017 report are limited to stations that pay Nielsen Audio for its data.

To add perspective throughout this analysis, we are including several “Flashback” ratings comparisons from previous “Holiday” sweeps.

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