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SAG-AFTRA: Too Little, Too Late

| February 23, 2017

By Joyce Kaufman
WFTL, Fort Lauderdale
Midday Host


FORT LAUDERDALE — I was truly shocked to read the impassioned statement from the union representing “broadcast and online journalists” (TALKERS 2/22).

I must have missed it when they stood up and defended Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh and others who uncovered evidence that then-President Bill Clinton was sexually abusing a young intern in the Oval Office. I remember there was no support for them by SAG-AFTRA.

Where was their advocacy during the presidential election of 2008, when any attempt by us in the conservative broadcast universe to vet the candidate we knew little or nothing about named Barack Obama engendered charges of racism?

Why was there not a sound from the Union when the Clinton and Obama administrations called talk radio “a vast right wing conspiracy” and refused to go on their highest-rated news programs?

Did I miss it when they championed the talk radio hosts who were ostracized and marginalized by their fellow SAG-AFTRA entertainer colleagues for trying to expose Hilary Clinton for the corruption that she and the fundamentally dishonest behavior that the Democrat party engaged in with certain cable news networks? No, I didn’t miss it. It never happened.

Just like the Union never stood up for James O’Keefe when his real journalism uncovered the deceit of Obama backing ACORN. Nor did they defend Sharyl Atkinson when she was forced out at a network for wanting to provide in depth coverage of the previous administration or broadcast the dirty deeds of Corporate America.

But somehow President Donald J. Trump calling out the majority of the media for the corruption that now, thanks to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, even the average American knows is Very Fake News, evokes a passionate defense of the First Amendment by said Union.

The same liberal elite cities that abhor President Trump are the last few that even have stations where the Union holds any sway. The rest of America, the parts where the basket of deplorables live and work, are the places in America that are “right to work” states. So congratulations for finally recognizing that it has been a handful of “broadcast and online journalists” who have been fighting for the freedom of the press, the obligation to dig into the stories and help Main Street understand the machinations of government.

And it’s time to face it, the forgotten American has been empowered by this new administration and will support him and withdraw financial support for “journalists” who think they are smarter and more relevant than the people themselves. So sorry, but the days of cocktail parties with lobbyists, politicians and network executives laughing at the average American are over.

So to the all-important SAG-AFTRA union leaders who finally feel compelled to stand up for us “broadcast and online journalists,” we welcome you, but we really don’t need you. You will be better serving your members by providing them with nursing care as they age out of relevance.

Joyce Kaufman is the midday host at WFTL, Fort Lauderdale.  She is a member of the TALKERS Heavy Hundred and a past recipient of the publication’s Humanitarian of the Year award.  She can be emailed at

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