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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

| September 7, 2016

carrSchillingWBHowie Carr Radio Network Signs Radio Syndication Deal with Curt Schilling.  In a major move that signals the roster expansion of the mega-successful Howie Carr Radio Network (HCRN), the Boston-based media firm has signed outspoken sports hero and politically opinionated commentator Curt Schilling (right) to join the radio network as a talk show host.  The former Boston Red Sox pitching ace will begin this new phase of his colorful career by doing a three-hour Saturday morning show (9:00 am ET to 12:00 noon ET) available for national syndication to stations across the country.  HCRN president (and star performer, weekdays 3:00 pm ET to 7:00 pm ET ) Howie Carr (left) tells TALKERS,  “This is a great beginning for what we hope will be a star-studded lineup on the Howie Carr Radio Network.  Curt has proven to be a stand-up guy and he is going to be a great radio talk show host.”  HCRN operations manager Jared Goodell adds, “Our goal at The Howie Carr Radio Network is to become the premiere provider of talk radio content for the future.  We strongly believe that Curt Schilling is the answer to the nagging question of ‘who’s next?’ in the business.  Curt brings spirited, educated and level-headed conversations to the table and is passionate about talking with the listeners.”  Plans are for the show to cover a wide range of contemporary subjects and issues from sports to politics.  The Curt Schilling Show launches this Saturday (9/10).  Stations interested in becoming charter affiliates of the program should email Jared Goodell at

Sports Illustrated and DGital Media Partner for Podcast Series Starting with MMQB Editor Peter King.  Launching today is “The MMQB Podcast with Peter King,” part of a new venture between Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated Group and DGital Media.  The deal is a “multifaceted podcast partnership” that starts with King’s weekly podcast and will include other programs, as well.  King’s podcast is available today and, premiering next week, will be two more pro football shows: “The MMQB Podcast with Albert Breer,” and “The 10 Thingskingpeter MMQB Podcast.”  The two companies say they will “build on the recent podcast momentum across the SI network, with new premium original series on the horizon.”  King states, “Our business is all about DGitalMedia logostorytelling, and there are few better ways to hear the stories of some the greatest influencers of our time than through a podcast.  To have the ability to sit down for real conversations with the biggest names in football — Bruce Arians, John Elway, Michael Bennett, to begin with — and not just three-minute sound bite-type interviews is very exciting.  We’re proud to partner with DGital Media and believe it will be a great addition to what we have established with The MMQB.”  DGital Media chief content officer Chris Corcoran adds, “When it comes to professional football I think Peter King.  There are few in sports and media who have a bigger influence around the field than Peter and we’re excited to bring a new experience to his audience as well as the talented Albert Breer and the rest of The MMQB team.  To be able to partner with such talented individuals and have the opportunity to work with the venerated Sports Illustrated brand is truly special.”

The Presidential Race/Wednesday Candidate Forum; Chicago Murder Stats; Kaepernick Anthem-Sitting Issue, Iran Navy Harasses U.S. Ship Again, U.S.-Philippines Relations, Fox-Carlson Settlement/Van Susteren Exits, Phyllis Schlafly Dies; and MLB Action Among Top News/Talk Stories Yesterday (9/6).  The activities of presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and Wednesday evening’s candidate forum; the report detailing Chicago’s near-record year for murders; the ongoing talk about Colin Kaepernick’s protest of treatment of people of color in America by sitting during the National Anthem; the taunting of an American Navy ship in the Persian Gulf by Iranian vessels; Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s foul-mouthed attack on President Obama and concerns over the U.S.’ relationship with the Philippines; Fox News’ settlement with former personality Gretchen Carlson and Greta Van Susteren’s abrupt exit from the news organization; the death of conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly; and Major League Baseball action were some of the most-talked-about stories on news/talk radio yesterday, according to ongoing research from TALKERS magazine.

Glenn Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts Lets American Dream Labs Go.  In a post to his website on Friday (9/2), the talk radio star and founder of the multi-media firm Mercury Radio Arts announced that the American Dream Labs – the TV and film arm of his organization – is splitting away from Mercury in order tobeckglenn “spread its wings.” Beck praises ADL’s Ben McPherson, calling him “brilliant” and a “friend,” but also states, “ADL wanted to be in Los Angeles where it could be more than ‘Glenn Beck’s side project.’  It wanted and needed the opportunity to build its own brand and identity.  We’ve decided to split up the IP/projects and are hopeful that many, if not all of the projects I’ve told you about, will be brought to life either by MRA or ADL respectively.”

Odds & Sods.  New York City news/talk outlet “77 WABC Radio” is debuting its exclusive web series, “Back to the Books Radio with Rita Cosby” today on Cumulus Media’s WABC Radio political editor andcosbyritabacktobooks16 award-winning journalist Cosby will speak with important voices in New York City and U.S. education about the condition of the education system and the issues that are affecting children this school year…..KSPN, Los Angeles is launching the weekly “Jeff Fisher Show” that will air Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.  The Los Angeles Rams football show will also include J.B. Long (ESPNLA Rams radio network play-by-play) and D’Marco Farr (ESPNLA Rams radio network sideline reporter).  The program will take place live from Bogies at the Westlake Village Inn and is open to the public.  KSPN is also launching the Thursday evening “All Access Show” featuring Long and Farr that will air from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm during football season…..SiriusXM’s Michael Smerconish will moderate a forum with the Libertarian presidential and vice presidential candidates, Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld live on Monday, September 12 at 10:00 am ET from the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia before a live studio audience of SiriusXM subscribers…..JVC Broadcasting’s WRCN-FN, Riverhead, New York “LI NEWS Radio 103.9” is working with SUNation Solar Systems to give a solar electric-generating system, including design, permitting, installation and monitoring with a lifetime service plan to a local, Long Island veteran.   The station is accepting nominations for a veteran in need of the system.

Vuolo Video Chronicles Radio’s Coverage of 9/11.  Sunday is the 15th anniversary of 9/11 and radio archivist Art Vuolo’s 13-minute video looks at radio’s (and a bit of TV’s) coverage of the terror attacks complete with commentary by the people in radio who were working that day.  View the video here.

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