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Turn Up the Volume When You Can’t Hear the Sound of Change

| June 28, 2016

By Danielle Lin, C.N.
The Danielle Lin Show


lindaniellewriterSALT LAKE CITY — The state of the radio industry is in grand flux, but for those who have kept their options open, seeing the light through the end of the tunnel looks clear.  Perhaps waiting too long to jump on the technology explosion, or grabbing the entrepreneurial ring wasn’t for everyone, but for those who sought higher ground, or took the leap of faith with new ventures such as Norm Pattiz at PodcastOne – or station cluster expansion with companies like Bicoastal Media, and CEO/president – Vince Benedetto of Bold Gold Media Group – things are looking brighter than ever.  The good news for those who remain light on their feet, is that more opportunity is revealing itself everyday if you head forward with your eyes wide open.

As a radio veteran who is excited to still be standing… and in fact thriving, combining new technologies while staying true to our commitment to terrestrial radio, has provided incredible growth opportunities with higher revenue streams, broader audience exposure, and brand-building like never before.  Though podcasting, streaming, and social media may not meet your expectations yet, in combination with valuable radio content, the new platforms are building stronger bonds with audiences and sponsors.  Engaging and building trust with the listeners is more important than ever before.  Social media offers the unique opportunity for on-air talent to expand daily reach and build invaluable connection/devotion with listeners.  Brands that recognize the importance of using radio as a change agent and purveyor of positive values, will thrive and remain strong in the marketplace. Social media bridges the gap as Millennials actively seek out authenticity and build loyalty to on-air personalities.

The key is to seek these brands out and let them know what you are doing.  Create relationships with the heads of companies that share mutual interests and target audiences with your show(s).  Don’t just sell by numbers to uncaring buyers.  In today’s marketplace that will get you nowhere – in many cases, even if you have the numbers!

Reverse engineering has created a broadcasting phenomenon.  Once feared that podcasting would decrease audience share, or never work at all, the exact opposite is true. Traffic is moving in both directions — from radio to podcast and podcast to radio. Smartphones and mobile devices have spawned higher talk consumption across the board. Short-form and long-form broadcasting is at an all-time high.

Another interesting trend is that the expanded technology movement is igniting advertisers to lock in longer radio contracts.  Advertisers and agencies see the marriage of terrestrial radio with streaming, as the perfect way to enhance audience continuity.  Quality weekend programming is seeing an increasing audience and the locking in of frequencies.

Pew Research Center reports the rapid increase into the millions for streaming and downloading podcasts that expand relevant radio content. It’s now a 24-hour business — with windows wide open for the entrepreneurial mind-set.

Radio is bridging that gap for a generation that is seeking connection both nationally and locally. Increasing the bottom line with quality conversations just makes sense. Nothing can replace the value of the human voice. That’s radio!


Danielle Lin, C.N. hosts the syndicated talk radio program, The Danielle Lin Show: The Art of Living and Science of Life. The broadcast is heard weekends on AM and FM stations, and the podcast is now being downloaded into more than 100 countries. The subject matter focuses on wealth, wellness, personal development, and leadership.  Danielle Lin can be contact by phone at 801-918-0334 or email at danielle@daniellelin.com.  Her website is www.daniellelin.com.

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