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I Want to Be a Part of it, New York, New York.

| June 5, 2015

By Holland Cooke
Radio Consultant


cookewriterBLOCK ISLAND, RI — Woody Allen reckons that “80% of life is showing-up.”  Said another way, by Anthony Robbins: “Proximity is power…you must get in the environment of the best of the best.”  And everyone-who’s-anyone in talk media will hang together on June 12, at Talkers New York 2015.

If you’re Big Apple bound, some tips:

Come early, stay late.

FYI: The Mets host the Braves Friday night at Citi Field.  Is there anything else you can accomplish while you’re in town?  Might this be an opportunity to attach-a-face-to-a-name with someone you routinely interact with by phone?

We’re in a collegial, relationship-driven business.  Even if it’s just night-before socializing with acquaintances you’ve previously networked, this is an opportunity that’s become rare as other conventions have been discontinued.

Hear me now and thank me later: Get a good night’s sleep Thursday.

Plan ahead.

Reach out NOW to those you’d like to tag-up in New York, and schedule some face time.  If it’s only a latte at that Starbucks diagonally across from India House, you’ll have a more meaningful conversation than ad hoc in the din within.  I’ve been scheduling my Talkers time for weeks now.

Yes, there’ll be spontaneous encounters during the scheduled breakfast, luncheon, and closing reception; but you’re better off using that moment to schedule a follow-up conversation than trying to accomplish anything detailed with affable interrupters waving behind the person you’re trying to talk with.

Work the room, tactfully.

Your simply being there identifies you as part of this community.  Look the part, “convention casual.”

Key: Converse, rather than soliciting.  No matter how upwardly-mobile you’re feeling, avoid the saddest convention caricature: handing-out airchecks.  That screams needy.  Instead, bring a creative business card, and an elevator speech someone would want to hear more of.

Looking for work?

Grab my June newsletter.  There’ll be a stack at India House.  This month, a special report: “Your Next Job: Your Best Job,” tips for making the cut when you’re one-among-many applicants for That Job. 


It’s what the most successful talkers do best.  The Talkers/NY2015 agenda is a Who’s Who, and speakers have always been real candid at this event.  When it’s time for Q+A, have a Q.


Holland Cooke (www.HollandCooke.com) is a media consultant, working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet.  Follow HC on Twitter @HollandCooke, and meet him at Talkers New York 2015 on June 12.

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