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2015 Moms & Media

| May 8, 2015

By Holland Cooke
Radio Consultant


cookewriterBLOCK ISLAND, RI — Just in time for Mother’s Day, Edison Research VP Melissa DeCesare (“a mom of two daughters”) walked us through her firm’s 2015 “Moms & Media” study, the latest installment in an “Infinite Dial” series that’s been ongoing since 1998, sponsored by Triton Media.

And make no mistake: Sourced data makes the case that Mom is who smart stations will engage, on every platform possible:

  • Mom is Secretary of the (family) Treasury to-the-tune-of $1.2 TRILLION a year in the USA.
  • “Technology is a good fit with her busy, on-the-go schedule;” and Edison numbers demonstrate that “Mom will continue to welcome new media into her day.”

“Among the Internet, Newspapers, Radio and Television, which one is MOST essential to your life?”

  • Internet 59% (48 in 2014%)
  • TV 30% (32%)
  • Radio 7% (15%)
  • Newspapers 3% (flat)

Headlines and data points from the briefing:

“Mom is online, and that’s a given.”

  • “Mom” in this survey is defined as having at least one child 18 or younger at home.
  • Mom spends more time per day (3 hrs 7 min) on the ‘net than the survey population in general (2:51).
  • And Mom’s online time is now almost EIGHT TIMES what it was in 2000.
  • 69% with Internet access go online from 2 or more locations.

Increasingly, she’s going-online on-the-go: “The smartphone is THE device for mom.” 

  • DeCesare calls it “indispensable.”
  • Moms’ Internet access via phone (39%) is catching up to computer access (45%).
  • 84% own a smartphone (69% last year); vs. 71% total respondents.
  • 79% of smartphone-toting Moms text regularly.
  • That’s where most Moms who listen to podcasts listen to podcasts.

Picture Mom also using iPad. 

64% of Moms surveyed own a tablet computer (47% last year).

“Facebook is firmly Mom’s social media network.”

  • 86% of Moms use SOME social media.
  • 54% go-Social “several times per day.”
  • 78% use Facebook; 72% use it most among social media; 67% via smartphone.
  • 51% of smartphone-toting Moms use Facebook “several times per day.”
  • Moms use Facebook more than Facebook users in general.
  • She averages 313 Facebook friends.
  • Among other social media, Pinterest was the biggest gainer 2014-2015.

Mom favors technology and is finding “new time” to devote to it.

Careful as Mom is to monitor kids’ time online, the sample responded as follows when asked “Over the last 10 years, would you say the changes to society from technology have been…?”

  • 57% positive
  • 30% equally positive and negative
  • 13% negative

Just about every piece of research about changing media consumption that I digest prompts the little voice in my head to say “I’m glad I work in news/talk/sports radio.”  Edison data demonstrate that “half of Moms have used Pandora,” making it Moms’ more-than-two-to-one music app fave.  Other downloads by those surveyed:

  • 21% iHeart Radio
  • 14% iTunes Radio
  • 12% Spotify
  • 7% Amazon music

And 74% of Moms have used YouTube for music.

Look for the webinar slides – as useful to sales reps as they are instructive to managers and talent – at EdisonResearch.com.


Holland Cooke (www.HollandCooke.com) is a media consultant, working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet.  Follow HC on Twitter @HollandCooke, and meet him at Talkers New York 2015 on Friday, June 12.


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