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2015 International CES: Innovation and Re-Invention

| January 6, 2015

Talkers coverage of the Consumer Electronics Show 


By Holland Cooke
Radio Consultant


cookewriterLAS VEGAS — Radio take note: Some of what’s-new here is…what’s-old.  Big signs all around the Convention Center boast, “When people think instant, they think Polaroid,” a brand that’s leveraging its 50-year product position for the selfie era.  Its smartphone-size Zip Mobile printer prints without ink.  The color is embedded in the paper.  And new-tech has updated old-fashioned pinball machines, with WWE and other now-popular themes.

Today, Ford’s CEO will keynote, and I’ll give you his connected car update in tomorrow’s TALKERS.  CBS CEO Les Moonves will also keynote.

Also today, when they cut the ribbon, 160,000+ of us will swarm into a two MILLION square foot Exhibit Hall, to peruse the debut of over 20,000 new products.

Last night at a glittering new product showcase, nobody got more attention than Auggie, a doggie, wearing the new Motorola Scout-5000.  It’s a smart collar with a wireless video cam that lets you see what he sees.  And lets you talk to him, and listen to him, and call-him-home or geo-fence-him, all via your smartphone.

If you’re a cyclist, the Cycliq Fly 6 has your back.  It’s a combination tail light and rear-facing camera, HD of course.  Smartphone running low?  Re-charge green, with the EnerPlex solar powered battery case.    Surprisingly, several other accessory makers here don’t yet have iPhone 6 gear.

Lots of what’s on-display here is SO new that it’s not even for sale yet.  Some are prototypes seeking investors.  And much of what was so-shiny-and-new last year never made it to store shelves.  These are “the risk takers” politicians praise when they ask for your vote.


Holland Cooke (www.HollandCooke.com) is a media consultant working at the intersection of broadcasting and the Internet; and he covers conventions for TALKERS.  Follow his real-time Tweets from CES @HollandCooke

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