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The Kinder Eggs Shocker

| November 24, 2014

Six New Facts About Online Video


By Walter Sabo
Sabo Media


sabowriterNEW YORK — Please take a moment to look at this video for Kinder Eggs. You only need to watch for a moment. There are other Kinder Egg videos in the Que with similar view counts of over 100,000,000.

Why do Kinder Eggs pull high view counts?  The answer reveals a profound difference between online video platforms and TV or passive video platforms.

1.  If a user types in “Airplane,” many videos featuring airplanes pop up.  But, platform engines also push videos that share similar title spellings. Type “airplane” and “airplane” videos come up first, then “air show” “air balloon”, lots of “air.”  Most marketers ignore the opportunities presented by the shared title spelling previews.  For example:

2. The most watched videos on the Internet are kitten videos.  After a visitor types-in “kitten” and watches kittens, the preview screens will start to show other “ki” prefixed words, such as KINDER EGGS.  Kinder Eggs are appealing because the preview boxes show intense colors in familiar egg shapes. Kids, primary kitten fans, love bold colors and simple shapes.  Children watch the Kinder Eggs for hours, BUT the youngsters were brought to the Kinder Eggs by Kittens.  Kittens laid Kinder Eggs.

3. Since 2007, Sabo Media, through our HITVIEWS subsidiary, has lead online video marketing initiatives for brands like Mountain Dew, US Government, Timberland, Reader’s Digest, TiVo, MTV, CBS Television Network (thanks Stephanie and George), Fox Television and many others.

The significant finding from seven years of online video experience is that predictive indicators for online video success are completely different than predictors for all other media.

4. Most CEOs are creative and pragmatic. They get it. They want to move cases off the shelf, cars off the lot, eyeballs to their shows. CEO leadership is essential to guiding agencies and marketing departments to embracing online video for what it is: Brand new. New creative. New messaging. New distribution.  “Click in 5 seconds to end commercial” is brand hostile and wasteful.  Smart brands know that putting their messages inside an online video is the way to go. Top CEOs do not tolerate a re-purposed TV spot as viable Internet creative.

5. Each medium creates its own stars.  Grumpy Cat, for example, is a worldwide phenomenon.  Jenna Marbles has more fans than any TV network celebrity.  The tests have shown that no movie or TV star produces an online hit—more than once. The Internet has birthed its own stars; integrating your product within their videos is the most elegant method for delivering a brand message online.

6. Test, test, test the tags. Never be allergic to kittens.

CEO interest has compelled the Sabo Management team to put together a learning event covering online video. It is customized for your company. We review your goals with you then mount a half-day, deep-dive series of instructive modules into every aspect of online video. Many CEOs will find that the Sabo Management Video Event is a solid service to their agencies, others will want to keep the information discreet and seen only in-house.  Please contact me directly, confidentially, for more information.


Walter Sabo of CEO of New York City-based media consultation firm, Sabo Media.  He can be phoned at 347-380-1581 or emailed at


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