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The Times They Are a-Changing…

| June 26, 2014

William O’Shaughnessy
Whitney Media


oshaughnessywriterNEW ROCHELLE, NY — As you have no doubt read in the public press, our colleagues at WFAS-FM are pulling up stakes and moving to the big City with a different name and changing to an “urban” format.

WFAS-FM has served Westchester and environs as a locally based suburban station with various music formats for years and we wish them well as they now turn their focus to the highly competitive New York City market.


During our own 54 years of serving the County, we’ve always had cordial relations with the 17 (count ’em!) absentee owners of WFAS-FM … and, indeed, with many among the dizzying parade of 43 hard-working general managers who tried mightily to give the station some meaning and purpose and at least a semblance of local involvement despite the many corporate changes and turmoil in their front office.  

Desirable Audience

We’ve always had strength in the heavily populated cities of the southern tier of the County:  Yonkers, New Rochelle and Mount Vernon … and among upscale listeners in the growing and affluent Sound Shore communities:  Larchmont, Rye, Eastchester, Bronxville, Harrison, Mamaroneck, Scarsdale and Pelham.

We’re thus proud to be Westchester’s only community stations.  

Community radio, which is very costly to maintain, will always prevail over a pure entertainment “jukebox-type” format based on someone’s changing musical tastes.

The purpose of this note is merely to assure you that WVOX and WVIP will continue their commitment to Westchester County which has been so good to us and which is also served so well by the efforts and enterprise of our regional, local and national sponsors.

Welcome Aboard …

We also welcome those new local and regional advertisers who, after years with WFAS-FM, have now moved their advertising dollars over to WVOX and WVIP for a more targeted concentration in their own backyard and primary trading areas.  

For a good long time our WVOX and WVIP have been the only locally owned and locally operated radio stations in Westchester.  And we’re incredibly proud to be the last and only ones still standing in the region.

The Future

Our Judy Fremont and my son David O’Shaughnessy can fill you in on our exciting and ongoing plans for continuing to serve all those many upscale, adult listeners in Westchester and the Bronx who have been so good to us for more than five decades!

Marketing Opportunities

For information on how we can enhance, help define and grow your unique products and services … please call Judy or David at 914-636-1460 … or email them at or


William O’Shaughnessy is the president of Whitney Media and the editorial director of WVIP and WVOX.  He can be emailed at


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