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What’s Your Point of Difference?

| May 21, 2014

By Tony Garcia
Global Media Services


garciatonywriterDENVER — One of the critical factors in successful syndication is being able to discuss succinctly what your show is about and how it benefits the affiliate.  Most successful shows have a strong core of listeners in an easily defined demographic, like Women 35-54.  And while your may have proof via ratings, email or calls that your audience is broader, focus on your core, then think about your point of difference. Your point of difference needs to be targeted and engaging.

Whether you do a political talk show, morning show, music show or feature, your show has a target audience.  Since you already know what it is, start there, and from there take a look at what you are bringing to the show and to your potential affiliates that’s different from what’s already out there, or what’s unique about your approach to the material.  Take a look at your e-mail.  What do your listeners say is different about your show?  What keeps them coming back?  Ask around. Sometimes getting an outside perspective can give you some ideas.

Once you have some ideas put together, try incorporating them into a brief marketing message that describes your show: “We really touch on everything from gardening to kids to politics” isn’t really helpful because a programmer doesn’t know whether it might fit into his programming.  “It’s a weekly, three-hour home improvement program that targets women” would be a better positioning statement.   It tells how often the show runs, how long it is and it sets the show apart from other home improvement shows.  From that information, the programmer can get an idea of what the show is about and whether it might be a fit.  Take a look at some of the marketing done by other products for inspiration.   Are there any that resonate with you?  Think about why it resonates and then think about what seems to be resonating with your listeners about your show and how you can state your point of difference briefly and effectively

Once you have settled on your point of difference, the next step is to come up with a compelling way to deliver that message effectively.  That’s one of the most difficult parts of marketing your show.  Using our weekend home improvement show again, maybe the ad shows a picture of a woman dressed as if she’s ready for construction—tool belt, hard hat, etc., and the headline reads “Women do plumbing, too.”  Now you have coupled your unique position with a catchy headline and a good graphic.  Consistently delivering this message to your prospects will help you to properly position your show in the minds of your prospects.

If you can craft a compelling message that presents your point of difference clearly in your correspondence, your marketing materials, and your trade advertising you will have gone a long way toward establishing yourself and your industry identity.  That is why your point of difference is so critical.  Investing time and energy in your point of difference now will make selling your program much easier down the road.



Tony Garcia is founder of Global Media Services which provides syndication support to independent radio programs. Among his many industry credits and accomplishments, he has served has AVP/Syndication for Greater Media (Lincoln Financial) where he was responsible for putting “Bob & Sheri” into national syndication and growing it into one of the most successful syndicated AC morning shows.  He can be emailed at garciatony60@gmail.com or phoned at 303-916-6333.  Meet Tony Garcia at Talkers New York 2014 on Friday, June 20.

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