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Vegas Two-Fer: Tuesday Update

| January 7, 2014

Holland Cooke
TALKERS Contributor
Media Consultant


cookewriterLAS VEGAS — It’s interesting to see which radio people are here for CES and who’s here for NMX; and REAL impressive seeing some familiar faces at both.  

The Consumer Electronics Association has asked that news media here NOT call this event the “Consumer Electronics Show.”  They prefer “International CES,” reflecting its global draw, and because the ways digital technology is changing everyday life go way beyond gadgets.  I tried, with mixed emotions, since “CES” is lingo to “real people” listeners.  I felt less-guilty reverting when I heard CBS News lapse.

NMX is short for “New Media Expo,” formerly Blogworld, which also pulls an impressively international crowd of bloggers and podcasters.  If you missed my notes from NMX Saturday/Sunday sessions:

Biggest buzz at NMX Monday morning?  A radio industry icon… 

“Radio should fear of staying-the-course.”

Westwood One founder-turned-PodcastOne founder Norm Pattiz entered NMX as a curiosity and exited a rock star.  His comments on “The Future of Podcasting” echoed-and-updated his recent Talkers Los Angeles keynote:

*  “Podcasting is the future of audio.  We’re ‘radio with a Pause button.’”  He can’t understand why broadcasters aren’t doing more on-demand.  “Podcasting today is where syndicated radio was 30 years ago.”

*  He told NMX that his platform’s 200 podcasts are generating 100 million downloads monthly

*  “70% of our consumption is mobile” on smartphones.

*  Advertisers love podcasting because it generates leads.

*  “If I were Howard Stern, I would go to a subscription podcasting model.”  Emulate Glenn Beck’s model.

*  iHeartRadio and satellite radio are “failed business models.”

“Taxi!  L.V.C.C., and step on it!”

As CES kicks-off, these are among trends and themes buzzing at the sprawling Las Vegas Convention Center…

“Television” is being utterly re-defined, before our very eyes.

*  It’s hard to imagine so much of America sitting so still that Sunday night 50 years ago next month.  Were parked in front of black & white TVs connected to rooftop antennas, and had a viewing appointment with Ed Sullivan, who bagged The Beatles.

*  Among take-control devices on display here: the newest Slingbox, which puts any of your video, live or recorded, anywhere, on what-manufacturers now commonly call “all four screens:” smartphones and tablets…and computers and TV sets, if you still use them.  The new Tivo Roamio records 6 shows at once, and stores 450 hours in HD.

*  Thus Norm Pattiz’ move to on-demand audio, eh?

Lotsa buzz about “wearable technology.”  Maybe a new years’ resolution already has you wearing a pedometer?  Old-school, baybeee.

*  if you ski or snowboard, “Recon Snow” looks like ski goggles.  Wear ’em, and you see your downhill speed, and a GPS map of the trail you’re on.  And – if that isn’t T.M.I. — your lunettes can also display phone and email messages.

*  Most-conspicuous high-tech eye wear: Google Glass, which I’ve tried.  Frankly it creeps-me-out.  As does the thought of someone wearing it driving in-the-opposing lane.

*  Wrist-wear on display here includes the Samsung Galaxy Gear, with a bright screen and wrist-band camera.

*  The N.F.C. Ring, looks like a bloated wedding band, and you can set to unlock doors and make payments.

*  One NO-wearable-technology headline here: 3D TV without those glasses.


As I write this, in the crowded Convention Center restaurant, I’m overhearing an interesting conversation.  Clearly, they just met.  HE is flirty.  SHE leaned-in, smiled, and started twirling-her-hair when he said “metadata.”

More tomorrow, here…


Holland Cooke ( is a media consultant working at the intersection of Talk Radio and the Internet; and he covers industry conferences for TALKERS and RadioInfo.  Look for his coverage of 2014 International CES here this week, and follow his real-time Tweets from the Las Vegas Convention Center @HollandCooke

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