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Women’s Talk Radio: The 1.4 Billion Dollar Mystery

| December 12, 2013

By Walter Sabo
Sabo Media

NEW YORK — Smart operators have said that radio should tap more TV money, they are correct. The challenge is that radio offers less and less of what buyers seek from TV.

Today, radio turns down $1.4 billion in revenue that goes to TV because it has no place to go on radio.  The 1.4 billion is specific dollars that are invested in daytime television aimed at women. Talk shows for women on TV.

The TV shows winning these dollars are Judge Judy, Kelly and Michael, Ellen, The View, The Chat, The Chew, Extra, TMZ Live, The Talk, Maury Povitch, Jerry Springer and a few game shows and day time dramas like The Price is Right and General Hospital.

judgejudyThe highest paid performer on Daytime TV is Judge Judy earning over $40 million a year. (For one month of taping!)  She has 7.5 million viewers. What does she talk about?  Relationships.

“No sir, you are not a good husband or roommate and you owe her the money,” Judy bellows from the bench to the delight of all.

Most of the programs, such as “Kelly and Michael” have fewer than 2.0 million viewers — less than the cume of most top five market radio stations.

Despite tiny audiences, advertisers embrace daytime TV talk. The shows discuss:

– Relationships

– Celebrity gossip

– Diet & exercise

– Personal finance

– Parenting

– Balancing home and work

– Shopping

Lever Brothers, P&G, Colgate Palmolive, Pfizer, Bristol Meyers, and numerous local retailers buy time on daytime TV because the topics on daytime TV appeal to their clientele made up of young women.

Radio will not make an efficient run at TV dollars unless it builds-out shows like “Marilu” (Marilu Henner) from Sun Group that cover the subjects embraced by daytime TV talk shows.

Revealed: Daytime TV’s Programming Model

TV learned how to do talk shows for woman, by women from another medium. Talk radio for its first 50 years of success dominated advertising and audience by airing talk shows that appealed to women. It’s a proven, safe, well-understood strategy.  It is not new, different, or scary. It’s proven, safe, and a great show. Media buyers for Lever Brothers, P&G and Colgate have put in writing to Sabo Media that they would buy this type of programming if it was available on the radio.

Let me suggest a Christmas gift to give yourself.  It details how a radio talk host was so hot that their 10th broadcast anniversary was celebrated in a packed Yankee Stadium. Their 15th broadcast anniversary was held in a sold out Madison Square Garden.  Click this link, get the roadmap on how to take talk programming to a much broader advertiser base.


Walter Sabo is the chairman of Sabo Media, a New York based media consulting corporation. He can be emailed at walter@sabomedia.com.

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