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Media Broker Spotlight –
Dave Garland, Dave Garland Media Brokerage

| August 27, 2013

Talkers RadioInfo composite 2This week’s spotlighted broker:

Dave Garland  •   Dave Garland Media Brokerage


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This interview was conducted by Sandi Bergman



Sandi:  What did you do before becoming a media broker?

Dave:  I spent many years in radio grunt work… on air, sales, etc.   My first paid non-college broadcast job was as a photographer for a TV network affiliate and I really got bit hard by the radio bug by hanging out with the folks on the radio side.   I now say I have done every job at a station from sweeping the floors to being an owner.

Sandi:  What influenced your decision to become a media broker?

Dave:  I had always been fascinated by radio station “deals.”   Back in my early days in the industry the first section in Broadcasting Magazine I always looked at was “Changing Hands.”   I had planned on buying a station many years ago and decided that it was not the right deal at the time.  I had known the broker for many years and told him that I was interested in the brokerage business and he said let’s get to it.

Sandi:  Where do you see station sales today?   

Dave:  Tough business… Unless a buyer has liquid assets, is able to get seller financing and have on hand available working capital, there is very little bank money out there. There are lots of stations for sale….and not all of them are going to be financially viable.

Sandi:  Highlight three or four listings that would be good opportunities for displaced station personnel and/or first-time entrants:

Dave:  I would not recommend any of the projects I am now working on for a rookie owner.  I will be glad to talk to talk to a prospective new broadcaster and perhaps find a situation they might fit into.  There are lots of stations that are not officially “for sale” but can be acquired if the right buyer comes along. This is a tough business and it is constantly changing.

Sandi:  That being said, I will offer our readers the following.  RadioTVDeals features these great opportunities for first-time owners:

Florida LMA and Station Assets — Community-focused 5,000-watt commercial station being operated under LMA while license transfer pending.  LMA operator is applicant and has acquired all equipment and physical plant.  Price covers everything including licensee’s interest.  Continuation of owner’s long-standing 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm talk show a condition of sale.

Ohio  Small Market Less than 5X Cash Flow — Well-maintained Ohio AM with FM translators. Great population count. Annual cash flow over $150,000. This is a well-run operation. Great internet presence.   Selling for under five times cash flow.

Texas — SOUTH TEXAS AM Station 3000-watts For Sale By Owner — Hispanic format.  In business over 50 years.  This is one of the most famous stations in South Texas and Northern Mexico, serving a population of approximately two-million people.

Tennessee Inexpensive Opportunity for Religious Broadcaster  — Attention religious broadcasters — a most affordable East Tennessee opportunity is now available.  Located in the middle of the dial, the signal serves a small lakefront community covering seven counties at .5 mV, but no coverage of Nashville, Knoxville or Chattanooga.

Land,Tower,and, Building in Georgia — Full-Time AM Station with Three Acres  — Price lowered to $175,000 (O.B.O.) on this full-time AM station located in the West Metro Atlanta area for sale!



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