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Media Broker Spotlight – Doyle Hadden
Hadden & Associates Media Brokers

| August 20, 2013

Talkers RadioInfo composite 2This week’s spotlighted broker:

 Doyle Hadden  •  Hadden & Associates Media Brokers


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This interview was conducted by Sandi Bergman


Sandi:  What did you do before becoming a media broker?  

Hadden:  Radio-TV, sales, management and ownership. I was never good enough in broadcasting to be an on-air talent, so I found a way to make money behind the scenes.

Sandi:  What influenced your decision to become a media broker?  

Hadden:  I saw a way to help those who wished to sell and those who wish to purchase stations when I was on the other side and that was almost 30 years ago and I am still doing it.

Sandi:  Where do you see station sales today?  

Hadden:  Based on the past five or six years, things are on the rise in buyers’ interest in getting back into the game, now that the economy has shown signs of improving. Look at Larry Wilson, who sold Citidel for more than $2 billion and now he is back in the hunt, along with many other great players in the business.

Sandi:  Highlight three or four listings that would be good opportunities for displaced station personnel and/or first-time entrants:


Hadden & Associates is offering a great Florida Gulf Coast, two FM group, top of the line equipment, cash flow positive, real estate owned, great staff in place, seller motivate, with a terms, or all cash deal available, $1.5M.

Hadden & Associates is also offering a radio group in Ohio, two FMs, one AM with real estate, positive cash flow, staff in place, between Columbus and Cincinnati markets for $595K.

Hadden & Associates are proud to be the broker for the anticipated  sale of a Class C FM located in the Greenville, and coastal,  NC market, with all new equipment, upgrade possibilities, and fabulous BCF, with a low purchase price of $650K.

There are some very attractive deals out there but the prices seem to be  going up across the board and especially in the larger and especially in top 20 markets.


Doyle Hadden

Hadden &  Assoc. Media Brokers

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Sandi Bergman is the CEO/president of She can be phoned at 575-356-3644 or emailed at

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