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Thursday, August 8, 2013

| August 8, 2013

spongecampbellcphillipA New Twist to the Bubba-Schnitt Case. Even though an agreement was reached back in March settling the five-year feud between Tampa Bay-based radio personalities Bubba the Love Sponge Clem and Todd Schnitt, the matter lives on as a report surfaces regarding a DUI arrest made during that high-profile matter. According to Bay News 9 and The Tampa Bay Times, Tampa Police sergeant Ray Fernandez arrested Schnitt’s attorney C. Philip Campbell in January outside a local steakhouse. Now, Fernandez is saying that the day after the arrest, he discovered Campbell was on the opposing side of his friend’s law firm. The same friend, Adam Filthaut, worked for Adams & Diaco, which helped represent Schnitt and pointed out Campbell as a possible DUI suspect. Fernandez claims he was set up and that Filthaut used him. Prosecutors have since dropped Campbell’s DUI charge and Fernandez has been reassigned to different duties until the investigation is complete. Settlement between Schnitt and Bubba prevents Bubba from making any disparaging on-air remarks about Schnitt’s wife Michelle, or his children.


deanmichaelwHow Many Watts does it Take to Broadcast at a Distance of 150 Years? Today you can make great art from your remote studio or your home and share it with the world, even through syndicated AM and FM radio. But with “terrestrial radio,” the show’s over as soon as it’s over. New wave talkers, The Freedom Feens (syndicated by GCN) co-host Michael W. Dean posts an information-packed advice column today (8/8) in which he suggests putting your show out there on every modern digital platform available and create programming for the ages – not just as disposable media junk food. He talks about putting material out into the cyber-universe that will remain relevant for 150 years or more — writing, “If you want it to have a chance at living on after you’re gone, you need to make it as timeless as possible, as good-sounding as possible, and make it as easy as possible for people to get and share the archives. And you need to work like the world depends on hearing it (because it does) rather than waiting for someone to come along and do it for you. Because that ain’t happening anymore.  Art becomes media as soon as it leaves your studio. Do you want your media to be like the daily fish wrap newspaper? Or do you want your media to be cherished and studied and enjoyed in 150 years? The answer is largely up to you.”  To read Dean’s compelling opus, please click here.



sedbrookstacyBeasley Selects Stacey Sedbrook as Vice President of Digital. Wicked Local-Gatehouse Media New England‘s senior director of Digital Sales and Operations Stacey Sedbrook will join Beasley Broadcast Group next month (9/1) to direct the company’s social-online initiatives and develop/implement new media strategies. Beasley executive vice president/chief financial officer Caroline Beasley comments, “As our digital initiatives continue to grow and evolve, we realize the benefit in examining this critically important part of our business with fresh eyes and from a different perspective. Stacey’s record of driving the development of innovative, revenue-generating marketing and sales campaigns for both agencies and clients is exceptional.” Sedbrook remarks, “I very much look forward to leveraging the strength of radio’s reach and listener response to introduce the audience extension, personalization and track ability of digital products and services.” Sedbrook previously was Gannett‘s corporate VP of Local Digital, The Dallas Morning News’ director of Sales Training, The Houston Chronicle’s director of Online Sales, Marketing, and Product Development, and the Denver Newspaper Agency’s Director of New Media.

ESPN Deportes 1540KESNESPN Audio and Cumulus Media Sign Long-term Local Marketing Agreement. The LSA arrangement will have Cumulus program ESPN-owned KESN, Dallas “ESPN 103.3,” with KESN retaining the ESPN name and ESPN’s programming. In addition, through an affiliation agreement, Deportes Media will program KZMP, Dallas “ESPN Deportes Radio,” which keeps the ESPN Deportes Radio moniker. “These two moves are smart for us in the Dallas market as we grow the audio business and draw on the strengths of Cumulus,” comments ESPN senior vice president, production business divisions Traug Keller. The Cumulus Media LMA takes effect upon closing of the pending sale of Dallas all-sports outlet KTDK-FM, while the Deportes Media affiliation agreement starts September 1.

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