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Media Broker Spotight –
George Reed, Media Services Group

| August 6, 2013

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This week’s spotlighted broker: 

George Reed  •  Media Services Group


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 This interview was conducted by Sandi Bergman.



Sandi:  What did you do before becoming a media broker?

Reed:  I worked on the “station side” of the business.  Specifically, I had just spent a decade (1977 – 1987) at WPLO/WVEE in Atlanta (Plough Broadcasting and then DKM Broadcasting), most of that as general sales manager.  While in Atlanta, I also bought WJTT in Chattanooga with Jim Brewer (1986).  And from 1982 to 1984, I got my MBA at Georgia State University in their Executive MBA program.  Before Atlanta, I worked for Bill Stakelin for a couple of years in Orlando.  And in my “childhood,” worked for Bud Walters and Jim Brewer.

Sandi:  What influenced your decision to become a media broker?

Reed:  Clearly, the banker’s hours and the lack of effort required.  As you know, to become a media broker, only two things are required: 1) a good watch, and 2) a wife.  And both have to work.

Sandi:  Where do you see station sales today?

Reed:  Off in the distance.  Seriously, business is pretty good.  The TV world is hot; and radio has become more active, albeit at lower price levels.  A lot of the supply which built up during the recession has now been “worked off,” including most of the distressed situations.  I predict steadily increasing station trading into the future.

Sandi:  Highlight three or four listings that would be good opportunities for displaced station personnel and/or first-time entrants.


Arbitron rated resort market in the southeast.   Three-FM cluster with over $300,000 in cash flow.

Three FMs and one AM cluster in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Attractive,  Arbitron rated market.  Net revenue between $800,000 and $900,000, with positive cash flow.

3 FM cluster in southeast GeorgiaDominant competitive position.  Owner will consider selling financing and will consult following the closing.

2 FMs in the deep South.   Around $500,000 in revenue.  Positive broadcast cash flow.  Seller financing.


George Reed

Media Services Group

149 Roscoe Blvd. South

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL  32082

Office:  (904) 285-3239

Fax:  (904) 285-5618

Cell:  (904) 631-7093



Sandi Bergman is the CEO/president of She can be phoned at 575-356-3644 or emailed at

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