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Media Broker Spotlight –
George Kimble, Kozacko Media Services

| July 16, 2013

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This week’s spotlighted broker:

 George Kimble  •  Kozacko Media Services



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This interview was conducted by Sandi Bergman



Sandi:  What did you do before becoming a media broker?

Kimble:  I started in radio when I was 13.  My father, who owned the station had a heart attack and died at the age of 40.  During my senior year in high school, at 17 years old, I became the morning man on my hometown station.  I’ve owned radio stations for 40 years. I have also owned some full-power and low power TV stations over the years.     I have been brokering radio and television stations on a full- time basis for eight years.

Sandi:  What influenced your decision to become a media broker?

Kimble:  After approximately 30 years of day-to-day management I turned over the operation to a partner and moved to Tucson, Arizona.   While there, I became involved with a local business broker who was a member of the national Sunbelt franchise. After three years, and selling the same Quiznos several times, I thought media brokering would be more enjoyable.  I contacted Dick Kozacko (then based in upstate New York).  He had been doing media brokering for as long as I had owned stations.  I asked him if he would like a west coast office, so here I am.

Sandi:  Where do you see station sales today?  

Kimble:  There are plenty of good opportunities available. The prices have come down to the lowest in years — so NOW is certainly the time for action.  While there are no national financial sources of money – local banks will still back an on-scene, experienced operator with the help of the SBA.   And, seller financing is available in a number of smaller market opportunities.

Sandi:  Highlight three listings that would be good opportunities for displaced station personnel and/or first-time entrants.


Three-Station Cluster in New Mexico Small Market — The asking price is $700,000 and seller financing IS available to an individual who will move to the community & run the stations full time.

New York – Full-time AM with Leased FM Translator — Another superb opportunity includes this award winning and profitable full-time AM with leased FM translator serving an upstate New York community.   This AM/translator operation is outstanding and recognized in every positive way.  All real estate is included in purchase.  The price is $495,000, and this is for a station which requires no additional investment.   Terms would be considered for financially qualified buyer.

New FMs in Las Vegas or Phoenix — If you have $500,000 for a down payment, I believe that either one of these major markets can be a great, first-time endeavor for you.



George Kimble



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