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What Am I Going to Post Today?

| July 15, 2013

By Chris Miller
Chris Miller Digital

SHAKER HEIGHTS — Content curation is a massive headache for a lot of social media experts.  It’s an endless mouth to feed, and the general impression I get is that those of us who do this spend about two hours a day just looking for interesting or fun content to post that relates to our clients.

In radio, there are a lot fewer full-time social media folks, and a lot more people who have added some social media duties on their already long job description.  That makes it tougher to be consistently interesting, funny or helpful.  That’s especially true if you’ve never used social media in a professional way.  We radio folks know radio, so we tend to write online like we’re broadcasting, or we assume our station’s followers want to be our friends.  That’s understandable… understandable but ineffective.

In a nutshell, like I’ve often preached, you treat your followers like your frequent fliers, and talk one-to-one with them while you bring them behind the curtain for a special relationship.  That’s why finding the right content is important; you can give them more than you can on the air.  So here are some different types of content you can consider to broaden your outreach!


Good photos are social media gold.  They help Facebook highlight your posts and they draw attention on Twitter.   These days, the big buzz is about video, and video is definitely a valuable tool.  However, it’s easier to find or produce plenty of good photos than it is good videos, and those photos work extremely well in your favor.

So post individual pics, and collections as well.  Take shots of people doing things at public appearances.  Take photos of folks around the radio station.  Post photos you find that relate to what you’re doing and talking about on the air.

In-Depth Articles

No matter what you are doing on the air, someone has written something interesting pertinent to it.  It’s online, waiting for you to find it and share it.  The content that you can only spend a few moments mentioning on the air is a great thing to follow up on by sending your fans to your social media to find out more.  Whether it’s news, sports, entertainment gossip, interesting facts about your core artists, or deep, focused information about what your talk hosts are discussing, it’s on the web, and you don’t have to create it … you get to just link to it!

Not only can you use that content as a reason for your listeners to follow your social media, you can then find things to tell them on Facebook and Twitter that give them a special reason to come back to your broadcast an extra time or two.


I make sure that my clients never go too long without just bringing something up for discussion.  A lot of news/talk and sports talk stations are already pretty good at this; they take hot-button stories and post them along with a question in social media so they end up getting a reaction.

Getting your followers to respond to questions is one of the most powerful ways of spreading your name to others in social media.  Facebook, especially, will notice when you’re getting comments and shares on something you posted.  They’ll show it to your friends, with a statement like, “[Your Name] commented on a photo from Radio 107.1.”  This exposure grows your visibility exponentially.  As strong as video content is, a good, simple question can get 10 times or more viewings than a video that few bother to watch.

A Useful Tool

Finally, here’s a tool I strongly recommend.  Google Alerts are incredibly simple to use. You tell Google the topics or terms you want to be kept abreast of, and every time they find new or updated web pages with that topic, they email you a link.  A talk station could get updates of all the subjects their hosts discuss on a regular basis.  A music station could get updates about their core artists or local shows and events.  A personality-driven morning show could get updates about their go-to subjects, or even about themselves!  I’m set up to get daily email summaries of all the content I need to stay up on. You’ll find, once you start getting these alerts, that you can keep them around for a bit in your in-box, and you’ll often have content to fall back on.


Chris Miller, owner of Chris Miller Digital, is a leading radio consultant specializing in research-based strategic planning and smart use of digital media.  He can be phoned at 216-236-3955 or emailed at chris@chrismillerdigital.com

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