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Media Broker Spotlight –
Burt Sherwood, Burt Sherwood & Associates

| July 2, 2013

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 Burt Sherwood  •  Burt Sherwood & Associates

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This interview was conducted by Sandi Bergman



Sandi:  What did you do before becoming a media broker?

Sherwood:  I am a broadcaster.  I started out as an announcer in 1947 and went from WWXL Peoria Illinois to WMCA New York.  I was there to help usher in the beginning of Rock and Roll.  Following that (immediately before brokering) I became a General Manager of radio stations, and stockholder in some, including Brattleboro, VT (WTSA) Portland, Me (WLOB) and Albany, NY (WTRY).  Other stations that I managed and/or held stock included WNHC, New Haven, CT; WMEE /WMEF Ft. Wayne, IN (plus others in the group);  WIBG, Philadelphia; and WMAQ/WKQX, Chicago, for NBC.


Sandi:  What influenced your decision to become a media broker?

Sherwood:  After working for NBC, I thought there was no place I wanted to go until I met a wonderful mentor, Ray Stanfield, and I subsequently joined Chapman Brokers.   After that, I established Burt Sherwood & Associates, Inc. where I continue brokering today.


Sandi:  Where do you see station sales today?

Sherwood:  Stations sales should be strong, ethnic operators will grow, youth will be served by over-the-air stations which will have APPS for their iPhones and iPads, and the audience will grow proportionately — I think better than 30%.  You will be able to track listeners and TV viewers and get them to respond directly…broadcasting and the Internet will be partners.


Sandi:  Highlight three listings that would be good opportunities for displaced station personnel and/or first-time entrants.

Sherwood:  See these listings I have posted on RadioTVDeals:

New York State–Class A Television Station Cabled

Fully cabled, owns tower never before listed…owner retiring …just received an email from the owner.  He reports that he just had the highest grossing quarter they have ever had…this is a beauty and a well-run piece of property…owner must retire …this is a market I know well…and the money has yet to be tapped.

Florida Class A  Television Station

Outstanding FLORIDA all digital Class A LPTV television station fully cabled in over 50,000 homes.  Also included is an FM with a newly granted upgrade to cover most of two markets…both housed in the modern newly built building at the same location.  BOTH stations are fully AUTOMATED.  Several acres of land at the tower site included. Both stations are network affiliated, and have great market coverage.  FM has a granted upgrade for even greater coverage!  Please be willing to sign a non- disclosure and be able to send upon request your financial statement.

TN Religious RADIO Station Cash Flows Every Month

This station has cash flowed every month for 30 years…owner leaving to handle his properties in bigger market.  Tower rent is $50 a month…station owns land.  Station is non-directional and 1,000 watts full time right in the middle of the market and can be moved if needed.  It is said that the owner has taken better than $3 million out of the market…it is a dream sale…this is an AM RADIO station.




Sandi Bergman is the CEO/president of  She can be phoned at 575-356-3644 or emailed at

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