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Questions Answered

| June 17, 2013

SHAKER HEIGHTS – There are some questions I hear pretty regularly.  They’re good questions.  Here are some of them, answered.

Q.      How many social media followers should I have?

A.      I don’t know, and I don’t care.

What matters is who they are and what you do with them!  Social media is your frequent flyer program.  This is where you take your big fans and turn them into customers for life who give you the lion’s share of their media consumption.  So, you want to attract your heavy listeners, bring them backstage with you.  More big fans is better than fewer.  A lot of casual cumers is a waste of your time.

facebooklogotwitter100tumblrinstagramyoutubegoogle+pinterestQ.      We’re on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest.  What other hot new sites should we be on?

A.      Actually, it’s probably time to back off.  It’s better to focus on one or two social networks instead of being everywhere.  Do a great job on those before you branch out too far.

Facebook is the 800-pound social media gorilla and it makes sense for almost any radio station to be there.  Beyond that, it’s all about who you want to reach and what you want to do with them.  That means … figure out your strategy and tactics before moving on.

Q.      How often should we post?  I’m not sure we’re posting enough.

A.      My rule of thumb:  I start with three posts a day for my clients on Facebook.  Generally, those are once around the start of the workday, and twice in the evening.  On Twitter, I rotate a handful of tweets all week long, and intersperse them with retweets and more immediate content.

Generally, you definitely want to post at least once a day.  However, if you’re on Facebook more than half-a-dozen times each day, you may be getting into the danger zone where you turn your fans off and they start hiding you.  It’s much more important to post the best stuff than the most stuff, and give folks time to react to it.

Q.      I have many times more listeners than followers.  Why should I waste time with social media?

A.      If this were about raw numbers, you’d be right.  It’s not.  Social media is not broadcasting; it’s a way of cuddling up with some of your heaviest listeners.

I know your sales manager doesn’t treat her 10 biggest clients the same way she treats a tiny, new direct piece of business.  Social media is the same thing, only with your audience.  Your sales department works to retain and get more business from their biggest customers.  Now we have a way to treat our most valuable listeners the same way.

Q.      I can sell ads on my own air and on my website.  There’s no way to monetize Facebook and Twitter.  I don’t want to get too involved in it for that reason.

A.      You’re right.  You can’t get revenue from social media.  But this is not just another content channel; used right, you can get people back into your brand to hear and see the ads you’ve sold.  So the problem is not that you can’t sell ads there.  The problem is more likely to be that you’re not using social media effectively enough to make a difference for you.

A lot of businesses currently have that problem, which is why the opportunity for growth is there for the taking.


Chris Miller, owner of Chris Miller Digital, is a leading radio consultant specializing in research-based strategic planning and smart use of digital media.  He can be phoned at 216-236-3955 or emailed at

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