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Proven Winning Ideas for
News/Talk Social Media

| May 6, 2013

By Chris Miller

Chris Miller Digital

SHAKER HEIGHTS — So here’s some good news about a huge opportunity for news/talk stations.  You can turn your social media into a “loyalty content marketing” program for those ultra-passionate fans you have.

facebooklogoUnfortunately, just about all news/talk stations with a Facebook page have the same problem.  There’s a lot of content posted about news.  However, there is almost no content about what the talk shows are doing.  I’m sure syndication is one reason for this; if the talk host is not in the building, how are you going to know what he or she is planning to talk about, and when?

Even so, this is a problem with local talk hosts, too.  I don’t see a lot of social media content about local shows.  Those local talk host posts that I do see often don’t offer a lot of specifics.  I’m not told when to listen; I’m not told why I would want to listen; I’m not invited to engage.

Let me give you a hand with a couple of basic tips about how to use Facebook and Twitter more effectively for your news/talk station.  News and talk are handled differently, so let’s start with news.

Successful News Posts

twitterlogoTwitter is a great place to put all your news headlines.  Lots of people use Twitter as a source of quick, targeted information that they read but never act on.

On Facebook, however, you have to think “quality” instead of “quantity.”  Some stations will spew out several news stories almost all at once onto Facebook, and that’s not helping them.  Here’s what makes a news post successful on Facebook:

  • A high-reaction story that will trigger responses
  • A link and a good photo
  • A well-written summary and a question that will get people talking

In other words, most news stories will never make it to your Facebook wall.  Only use those that will get an emotional reaction.  Don’t just post the link to more information, but also find a good photo that fits your post.  The best photos show faces or action, or both.

A good question gets right at what people are thinking or feeling about a story.  If you’re struggling to come up with a question to ask, maybe you don’t have the right story.  You need to sound genuine and aware of your audience.  Asking something just for the sake of asking or begging for cheesy likes and shares will not build your brand in the long run.

Successful Talk Show Posts

Here’s what goes into a good talk show post on Facebook.  It’s an incredibly simple structure, but no one is doing it… so here’s your chance to break out with a new tool.  You can thank me later!

Tell your fans exactly when to tune in for the hottest topic any given host is talking about that day, and ask for feedback about it.

Seriously, it’s that simple.  Give them a couple of hours’ notice if you can.  It takes Facebook a bit of time to realize that people are reacting positively to something you post, and for them to show it to more and more of your fans.

You don’t need a laundry list of guests and topics.  You do, however, need to coordinate with your local and syndicated talent to make this happen.  With local hosts, it’s one thing.  With syndicated talent … well, I understand the challenge you’re up against.

For Syndicators…

If a syndicator wanted to get sophisticated about social media, and build on the loyalty of already-passionate fans, here’s what to do.  Identify a hot topic to be discussed at a particular time, and send stations a scripted Facebook post that identifies the subject, tells when it’s going to air, and asks a hot-response question as well.  Send that out daily to all stations carrying the show along with a photo that either shows the host or pertains to the topic.  The local stations can then just copy and paste to make it happen.  Remember, Facebook is about quality, not quantity.  Do that every day, and you’ll be operating on the level of the giant brands that are most successful in social media.


Chris Miller, owner of Chris Miller Digital, is a leading radio consultant specializing in research-based strategic planning and smart use of digital media. He can be phoned at 216-236-3955 or e-mailed at




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