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Times Are Tough Enough — Be a Pro!

| April 23, 2013

By Dan Sileo
Sports Talk Personality


sileowriterTHE BEACH — I write this article from the infamous “Beach of Radio” at this time.  The reason?  My own stupidity and how I acted on the air at WQAM in Miami.  As many of you know, I am a VERY emotional radio host – almost to a point where many people think I could actually use a doctor that has a pen and note pad.  I was fired from WQAM for the things I said on the air.  Yes, things I said on the air.  You see, I am one of the VERY few sports talk radio host in America that actually gets ratings and revenue.   As my old program director at WDAE — Steve Versnick — would say, “You do 90% of what’s great in radio, the other 10%, maybe the worst.”

If a station has a sports team on their airwaves, they are a broadcast partner and should be treated as any other radio host on a station’s airwaves.  In this form, I failed and I was rightfully fired.  Exiting a station after such a crazy thing will define your next gig.  If you take to Twitter and stupidly say stuff like, “I’ll never change,” well…

A program director emailed me, saying, “Bro, I love you but you’re not helping yourself saying that stuff.”  So, be a pro.

I was GLAD to see John Renshaw get a chance at WQAM in my old time slot (10:00 am to 1:00 pm).  He will do a GREAT JOB for them!

As I said, I am on the beach and this process has taught me an awful lot about being a pro no matter what other companies think or say about you.  Because unless these companies personally know you or have worked with you, they will always have these impressions of what they think you are.

Something really pissed me off a few weekends ago.  I am very fond of WEEI in Boston and love that station very much.  As many know, the station is making moves to revamp the lineup. Jason Wolfe, the PD, is looking for talent all over the country and when a guy like that gives you the chance to be at such a great station in such a great sports town, those oppertunities do not come around but maybe once in a lifetime.  A weekend dude who — as all radio hosts know — should be seen and not heard in the first place, decided to take to the airwaves and rip WEEI’s management for not answering an email in time.  What is a weekend dude emailing a GM at Entercom Boston for in the first place?  Pete Sheppard decides to take to the Boston airwaves and quit on the air — maybe the most unprofessional thing you can possible do to your career.  Take it from a host who has done damage to his own career, the quicker you suck it up and move on, the quicker your next job will come to you.  The more you bitch about your former employer the farther your future employer will be!

Take it from Dan Sileo…Be a pro!


Dan Sileo can be emailed at umiami93@yahoo.com.

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