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Prune Now to Grow Later

| April 1, 2013

By Chris Miller
Chris Miller Digital

SHAKER HEIGHTS — Here’s a way to clean up your website to get more repeat visits from your heaviest listeners.

Where to Start

Someone knows how to run your web analytics so you can see which pages get the most hits.  Do that.  Generally speaking, a small number of pages will, when combined, deliver more than half of your web hits.  These are the important ones.  Sometimes, you’ll see a clear difference between the pages that are performing and those that aren’t.

Those pages that people visit are the ones that are working for you.  That long tail of pages that only get two or three visits a month?  They’re probably getting in the way of your fans finding the places they do want to visit.

Please consider consistently promoting those pages that get the most hits.  That means on the air, in social media, and in your database emails.  You’ve been shown they’re worthwhile; they’ll get even more hits that way.

Everything Else

Why not just take it down?  Those pages are not building your brand, nor are they furthering your career.

Sure, there are a few exceptions.  You’ll have special, temporary pages where people might sign up for a contest or give feedback about something.  You might also have special, deep content on a group of pages, like bios of your key artists.  Each page by itself might not get a lot of hits, but together they provide something meaningful your air talent can talk about.  Those pages that a client is paying you money for should stay up, too!

We’ve fooled ourselves into thinking that to get more web visits and page views, we have to have a ton of stuff at our sites.  You can see that most of those pages you’ve spent time putting up aren’t adding to your stats.  No one is getting back the time that your team spent putting them together, either.

The Result

Be a convenience store instead of Walmart.  Stock the content that your fans want, and make it easy to log on and find it.  Use your on-air talent and your social media to get people there.

Many radio folks I talk to see their sites as a comprehensive bundle of information on everything that is happening on the air, or that’s even just semi-related to what the station is known for.  You might have a mental model like the local TV station or newspaper website, or specialized sites like MTV or WebMD.

The thing is, there are not a lot of new sites coming on with huge amounts of content like that.  The move towards social media means that there’s more of an appetite for very specialized information, or even crowd-curated content, rather than globs of general news.  Here’s the good news: even if your radio station is hugely successful, your fans assign it a very short list of qualities in their minds.  Let your site mirror those qualities, and they will value your online presence more highly.


Chris Miller, owner of Chris Miller Digital, is a leading radio consultant specializing in research-based strategic planning and smart use of digital media. He can be phoned at 216-236-3955 or e-mailed at .


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