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Twitter as a Broadcaster’s Tool:
Use it Wisely

| March 25, 2013

By Holland Cooke

Twitter invites more voices into your on-air and digital conversation; even more so than Facebook.

When someone posts something on your Facebook Wall, all of their Friends and your Followers and Friends see it, and can easily chime-in.  When THEY do, all of THEIR Friends see it, and can Comment or Like or Share.  Thus the metaphor “going viral.”

Twitter takes Social Media to the next level, by enabling you to attract the attention of others who follow neither you NOR the-person-to-whom-you’re-Tweeting.

“Information is not knowledge.”

Albert Einstein, quoted by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, interviewed by Charlie Rose in Fast Company magazine.  His partner Ev Williams adds:  “Conversations that start as little blips can catch someone’s imagination and turn into something much deeper.  In the worst case, people get obsessed with the short form.”

What this means to you:

  • Favor quality over quantity when you Tweet, otherwise you’ll see your Followers wander-off.  Don’t spam.
  • Link engaging/provocative Tweets to next-level-of-detail content (web page, audio, YouTube video, whatever).  By doing-so you can deepen your relationship with the like-minded, who can become your tribe.

With all the noise bombarding us, including-and-especially frivolous Tweets, “There is a hunger for depth,” Williams figures.

Twitter 101:  Are you exploiting – or misusing — @ and # ?

@ can be either:

  • A Reply, your take on something-someone-you-Follow has Tweeted.  @Replies will always have “in reply to @username” listed at the bottom of the Tweet.  If not, it’s…
  • A Mention, a Tweet that contains “@username,” which will come to that user’s attention, even if he/she doesn’t Follow you.  Use Mentions right, and you could gain that person as a Follower.  Better yet, he/she could re-Tweet you, to all his/her Followers…any-of-whom could also re-Tweet you.  Yep, you’ve gone-viral.

# is “a hash tag,” a keyword.  Including #RedSox deposits your Tweet among all others similarly tagged, so you join conversations.  Click on a hash tag in any Tweet and you’ll see all other Tweets similarly tagged.

Twitter 201: Tactics for Radio

The two most-obvious applications:

  • Twitter is like a great big pager you can use to light-up your followers.  Tell ‘em what’s on “right now,” or moments-away.  Don’t bother ‘em with prompts for live programming that’s next-hour, next-daypart, or next-day.  Twitter is now.
  • And Twitter is a great show prep tool.  Lurk there, and you’ll get it.

Twitter is also a great work flow tool for special coverage; something that’s easier for me to demonstrate than describe, which I will in my 12-minute (time me) session “Resourceful and Remarkable” at Talkers/New York, June 6.

And here’s The Free Prize Inside: I’ve outlined how broadcasters are using Twitter to build following AND MAKE MONEY.  Your copy of my 12-page white paper is among handouts aplenty in New York.

See, hear, read more from consultant Holland Cooke at and follow HC on Twitter @HollandCooke. Meet Holland Cooke at TALKERS New York 2013 on Thursday, June 6.

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