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Goodbye, Clutter

| March 11, 2013

By Chris Miller
Chris Miller Digital

SHAKER HEIGHTS — Get ready for the whining, because Facebook is about to make some changes.

FacebookOn Thursday, the social media giant announced a new format for their news feed, which Mark Zuckerberg referred to as “the best personalized newspaper in the world.”  The big change?  Pictures are going to get even bigger.  That’s a bigger change than it sounds like.  The headline Facebook puts on it is, “Goodbye, clutter.”

This is good news for radio stations and other brands that are doing a good job using social media as loyalty content marketing.  It will be easier for your fans and their friends to see what you post and enjoy it!  Let me offer 5 quick guidelines to help you make the most of your Facebook posts, especially once the new news feed kicks in for everyone.

Talk about them more than about you

Cut down on the promo liners you post.  Cut down on the content that falls outside their perceptions and expectations of you.  Instead, offer them meaningful information about what your station is doing before you announce it on the air.  Give them deep, focused content on topics they associate with you.

Strong visuals matter

For a lot of us radio folks, this is outside our comfort zone!  Post great pictures with everything.  If what you’re posting already has a strong image, like a video or a link to an online article, that’s great.  Take the time to find great images that go with everything else you show your fans.  Photos are better than diagrams or graphics or logos.  Photos of people are better than photos of things.  Photos of people doing something eye-catching are better still.

Post great stuff less often

The great Facebook posts continue to ripple and reverberate in your favor for hours or even days.  Think of your social media content as great hit songs or compelling talk topics.  It’s better to post one really strong update a day than have multiple posts that no one really cares about.  Besides, the big reason someone will stop following you is because you post too often.

Remember where engagement really happens

Likes, shares and comments are great.  They’re part of how your content gets seen by others.  However, remember two other places where real engagement happens.  One place is in your follower’s brain.  Are you giving her something that she’ll spend time enjoying or thinking about?  Another place that engagement happens is in real life between two or more people.  When you get the right people to follow you and consistently give them the right stuff … that’s when followers turn into brand ambassadors.

Keep a critical eye

Almost nobody talks about how social media posts look in context, among other posts on the screen.  A quick way to judge your Facebook content is to look regularly at what you post, what’s above it, and what’s below it.  We’ll all see different things on our individual news feeds.  But if your posts aren’t more compelling and on-message than what’s around you, it’s time to re-think what you’re doing!

One final thought

Facebook is reducing clutter and emphasizing their strongest stuff to retain more users, have them visit more often, and stay longer when they do.  Sound like any other medium to you?


Chris Miller, owner of Chris Miller Digital, is a leading radio consultant specializing in research-based strategic planning and smart use of digital media. He can be phoned at 216-236-3955 or e-mailed at

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