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Four-Month News/Talk Radio PPM Overview

| December 18, 2012

TALKERS Presents Massive Four Month News/Talk Radio PPM Overview.  As a follow up to yesterday’s (12/17) analysis by Mike Kinosian about how the non-stop, dramatic events of the past six weeks have presented radio, in general, and news/talk radio, specifically, with the challenge and opportunity to process an enormous amount of compelling material, TALKERS presents a PPM overview of some 140 stations leading up to and including this period.  Reflecting on the format’s extremely dramatic November (2012) survey, where more than seven of 10 stations in our large sample were either up or steady (6+), compared to their October stats.  Stations qualified to appear in this multi-faceted recap by ranking within the top 20 (6+) in any of Arbitron’s 48 PPM-measured markets (November 2012).  Since only subscribing stations are printed by Arbitron in their monthly reports, those are the ones we can consider here. Talk has the distinction of being the lone format to have at least one station in the top 20 of all 48 PPM markets. Each talk station’s 6+-performance over the last four (4) PPM monthlies is shown below. Following the November survey period, Orlando’s WDBO-AM (##) transitioned from talk to sports.

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