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Start Doing THIS Right NOW
on Facebook – Part 2

| November 5, 2012

By Chris Miller
Chris Miller Digital

SHAKER HEIGHTS, OH — I was amazed by the high level of interest in my previous TALKERS piece, “Start Doing THIS Right NOW on Facebook.”   So here are a few more tips to help you get your radio station’s pages and posts right!

A lot of us radio folks see the value in social media.  Still, many could use some help working it in a way so you’re building your brand, instead of just spinning your wheels.  Many of the mistakes businesses make on Facebook have to do with how you write what you post.  We tend to speak in marketing-ese or like we’re scripting a promo.  That’s a huge error that may have people consistently hiding your content.  Here’s how to write a post that works for you.

Remember: Nobody reads online 

Everyone scans.  Their eyes dart around, unconsciously judging what you have to say.  They’re tuning out everything but what might interest them.  Thus, attracting their attention in social media is very different from doing so on the air.

Speak from one person to one person

You’re picturing all your adoring fans as you post in social media.  Your followers, meanwhile, are seeing your posts in among what their friends and family have written.  Facebook is an intensely personal place.  Write like you’re talking to one person.  Speak for yourself, too; you may feel awkward writing “I” instead of “we.”  The more you can say “I,” the more you’re likely to attract those wandering eyeballs.  If it makes you feel weird to say “I,” sign your name at the end of it, like so: “—Chris”

Get on and get gone 

The less you write, the more likely you are to get noticed.  Social media is like radio; it tends to be consumed in small bits multiple times per day.  The look of a long post says, “Skip this one.”  Ruthlessly edit yourself to increase the chances of your fans stopping to see what you have to say.

Zero jargon and clichés

If you want to disrupt your competitor’s social media, you should get yourself hired to do their Facebook content … and then start every post with, “Hey, Facebook friends!”  Here comes somebody who wants something!  Almost nobody continues reading a post that starts that way.  Keep it short and punchy.  Write so well that they look forward to hearing from you again.

No hype, all truth

Being disarmingly honest and personal will go a long way for you.  People know when they’re being hyped.  Talk to them like they’re backstage with you.  They’ll be much more likely to respond if you sound like a normal human being.

In addition, be specific instead of vague.  “Coming up at 3:20” is meaningful.  “Coming up later this afternoon” or “Listen right now” …. not so much.

Tweet stay on Twitter

Finally, if you’re sending your Twitter feed to your Facebook page, stop reading this and go disable that.  Seriously, right this very minute.  Twitter and Facebook are not interchangeable.  Tweets look ridiculous on Facebook, and with all the #’s and @’s, they drive people away.

Chris Miller, owner of Chris Miller Digital, is a leading radio consultant specializing in research-based strategic planning and smart use of digital media. He can be phoned at 216-236-3955 or e-mailed at

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