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Monday, October 22, 2012

| October 22, 2012

TALKERS TV EXCLUSIVE:  KFI/KTLK Program Director Robin Bertolucci Receives “Woman of the Year” Award at New Media Seminar in Los Angeles.  In what was one of the many highlights of a power-packed day at the recent TALKERS New Media Seminar in Los Angeles last Thursday (10/11), KFI/KTLK program director Robin Bertolucci received the prestigious “Woman of the Year” award.  The award was presented to the popular and highly-accomplished programmer by last year’s recipient, syndicated talk star Stephanie Miller.  The official name of the award, which has a tradition going back to the late 1990s, is “The Judy Jarvis Memorial Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Talk Radio Industry by a Woman.”  It was named in honor of the late Judy Jarvis, an independent talk show host and pioneer in the remarkable growth of syndicated talk radio in the nineties, who succumbed to cancer at the peak of her career.  The exclusive video recording of the entire ceremony including Miller’s hilarious (and raunchy) presentation and Bertolucci’s humble and thoughtful acceptance speech can be seen now in the TALKERS TV box at the top of the column on the right side of this page.

CBS Sports Radio Network Names John Feinstein Late Morning Host.  Best-selling author and well-known sports talk media personality John Feinstein will be the host of the 9:00 am to 12:00 noon ET daypart on CBS Sports Radio Network’s national sports talk format beginning January 2, 2013.  CBS Radio describes Feinstein’s show as “commentary on the world of sports from the man who has covered most of the major – and many of the not-so-major – events in the world of sports during his more than 30 years as a sportswriter.  The show will be heard on over 50 stations nationwide, including many in major markets.  In addition to his role as host, Feinstein will continue to contribute his personalized musings on the world of sports to the hourly ‘CBS Sports Minute’ feature heard on CBS Sports Radio stations.”  Feinstein is author of such best-sellers as A Season on the Brink and A Good Walk Spoiled.  He also writes for the Washington Post, Golf Digest and Golf World.  He has been co-hosting a regular sports talk program with Bruce Murray called “Beyond the Brink” on Sirius XM’s Mad Dog Radio since March of this year.  CBS Sports Radio director of programming Eric Spitz, says, “John is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of and passion for all aspects of sports.  As a best-selling sports author and journalist, he has relationships with, and an open line to, some of the most fascinating names in sports.  John has a way with words, a trademark sense of humor and never is shy to offer an opinion, which will engage listeners and translate on the radio.”  Feinstein joins Jim Rome, Doug Gottlieb and Scott Ferrall as part of the format’s lineup.

KTLK, Los Angeles Host David Cruz Joins in LULAC Anniversary.  The nation’s oldest and largest advocacy organization for Hispanics – the League of United Latin American Citizens – celebrated its 25th anniversary in Hollister, California on Saturday, October 20 recognizing a quarter century of service in the Northern California county of San Benito.  Clear Channel Los Angeles talk host David Cruz, who hosts the PM drive program on KTLK, Los Angeles and a Sunday evening program on sister news/talk KFI, helped the organization celebrate.  Cruz has been twice honored as a recipient of the LULAC Outstanding Achievement in Media Award.  He states, “LULAC stands alone as the strongest voice for Hispanic civil rights in America today and I am honored to once again help acknowledge the hard work and dedication of its members who work daily to ensure the American dream is alive and well for all in our country.”

Start Spreading a Virus – in a Positive Way.  Radio consultant Holland Cooke asks if you are a “sneezer.”  That is, someone who spreads ideas.  He takes this concept from author Seth Godin and relates it to radio.  Being an idea spreader is a good thing and Cooke says, similarly, there are numerous ways to build your “tribe” through the internet.  He suggests four simple ways to get your message out to the many in your audience without making them feel diminished.  Read his piece here.

Not All Web Hits Are Created Equal.  Getting people who love your radio brand to also love your website should be the primary goal of a programmer.  Consultant Chris Miller says he sees too many radio brand websites that feature content on the front page that is not something the station P1s are going to get excited about.  On the other side, he applauds Bonneville’s recent move to give journalist and KIRO-FM, Seattle morning news anchor Linda Thomas a new position that commits her skills as a news person and writer to the company’s digital destination.  Miller states, “Linda’s a quality journalist and a solid radio pro.  This is a dramatic move, but not just because of the digital commitment.  This is also about integrating content across platforms in a way that listeners expect; but that a lot of us in radio simply don’t get yet.”  Read Chris Miller’s entire piece here.

Tom Leykis Helps Nab Mail Thief.  Yes, you read that correctly, talk show host and digital media entrepreneur Tom Leykis was instrumental in police apprehending a suspected mail thief.  But the story gets even better – he did it with the help of “Adam 12” actor Kent McCord!  According to, Leykis noticed a man who appeared to be stealing mail from one of his Hollywood Hills neighbors.  He quickly shot video of the suspect with his phone camera and sent it to his Neighborhood Watch Group which happens to be headed by – you guessed it – Kent McCord.  The “Adam 12” actor blasted the photos to neighbors and the suspect was apprehended about a half mile from where Leykis saw him.  On catching the suspect, Leykis is quoted by, “So when there’s crime…who do I contact?  I contact Kent McCord. It was so cool.”

Jim Bleikamp Puts News and Information Station on in Brunswick, Maine.  The new news and information outlet is James Bleikamp-owned WCME, Brunswick, Maine and it being called Radio 9 WCME – referencing its 900 AM frequency.  Bleikamp tells TALKERS, “There are three key words in our programming plans at WCME – local, local and local.  In an era in which many radio stations air nationally syndicated programs, WCME will focus all of its energies on the Midcoast.  If it’s an event or a news story going on down the street, you’ll be hearing about it on WCME.  If a weather emergency develops on the Midcoast, we’ll cover it live from start to finish.  If a dog or cat is missing, we’re not too busy to mention it on the air.”  Bleikamp says the programming will be announced as it develops but the station will air “Midcoast Morning Buzz” in morning drive, a show he calls “a daily full-service morning show.  It’s a unique form of radio available nowhere else on the Midcoast.”

Live from the Swing State Road Show.  Pictured here are Cumulus Media’s WMAL-AM/FM, Washington morning hosts Mary Katharine Ham (c) and Brian Wilson (r) along with Cumulus Media Networks’ nationally syndicated talk host Mark Levin (l).  The trio was broadcasting live from the swing state of Virginia as part of WMAL’s “Swing State Road Show” in which the “Mornings on the Mall” program visited and broadcast from numerous diners throughout Virginia during the month of October.  Mark Levin’s program airs in the evenings on WMAL.

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